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Repo info
    Matt Sergeant
    Issue #381
    Fixed in e520a33731ede83cec594f704ae5e463d2d29290
    Alisson Cavalcante Agiani
    how can I change Haraka port? It keeps trying to use port 25
    Mike Bartlett
    it's been a long time since i used haraka, but... https://haraka.github.io/manual/CoreConfig.html
    in smtp.ini
    Kretshu Evgeniy
    Maybe how know about imap server plugin for haraka?
    Matt Sergeant
    on #haraka on freenode
    Hi... Is there anybody here? :)
    Mayank Sahai
    Hey, I am making a haraka plugin for one of my projects. It a type of DATA plugin where I am fetching the body of the mail and making an API call by sending that data in the body as form-data. but I guess haraka adds '\n\r\n' to everything which distorts the data and makes it unable to parse. Can you please suggest some way to fix this? Thank you in advance! :)