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Dec 2014
Heather Arthur
Dec 30 2014 02:21
@l33z3r The output from a brain.js neural network is not binary, and is an array of continuous values from 0 to 1. I see for your input you are using discrete values (like 2, 3, etc.), those need to be continuous as well, scaled from 0 to 1 as an example (like 0.6).
Heather Arthur
Dec 30 2014 02:28
What's the problem you're trying to solve?
Lee Farrell
Dec 30 2014 09:17
I was just playing around with the libraby trying to get a better understanding. I wanted to simply model a linear function y = 2*x
but I think the problem in my example is I am using integers that are not scaled!
thanks for the reply, great work on the library!
I am going to use it to run an AI air hockey agent.
written with box2d
If you have any advice on this, any help would be appreciated!
Lee Farrell
Dec 30 2014 09:26
Actually, when I use the following training data, the network still will not learn the mapping:
net.train([{input: [.01], output: [.02]},
{input: [.02], output: [.04]},
{input: [.03], output: [.06]},
{input: [.04], output: [.08]}]);