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Nov 2015
Robert Plummer
Nov 01 2015 19:54
I created this: harthur/brain#73 from an example on a similar lib that I don't feel is as well written.
The example though provides a very easy to understand means of grasping how AI works.
I'd like to provide a means of mutation towards a goal. I wrote/ported this sometime back:
I'd like to provide a library that complements brain.js or any other js neural net that tries to achieve a goal.
In the case of color, you could perhaps give it the algorithm that mimics the best color, and have a mathematical guess, the closest of each guess wins, and mutates towards the goal.
In another case, perhaps the "elevator saga" the goal would be to transport as many people in the smallest amount of time, how would we write a lib that would be be an aid in reaching those goals?