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Aug 2017
Maxime ROBIN
Aug 07 2017 09:21
hi, sorry i saw your post few days ago, but i'm quite busy atm. It depends what kind of neurals networks you need
Robert Plummer
Aug 07 2017 09:26
With brain.js we want wicked fast neural networks everywhere, node and web
We are doing a great deal of work to change the underlying technologies to achieve this.
But the most important thing is they much be simple.
Simple enough to teach a child.
Line 52
You'll see a rather complex idea, a gated recurrent unit becomes fairly straightforward
Robert Plummer
Aug 07 2017 09:32
Right now we've spent a great deal of time in gpu.js, as it allows us to write very simple JavaScript that is translated to gpu code with cpu fallback when not supported.
We are starting to implement it and will have it in v2.