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    Tom Elliff
    @bflad not sure if you check Gitter at all or if it's better to raise an issue/pull request but do you know if there is a reason behind why availability_zones doesn't conflict with vpc_zone_identifier in the aws_autoscaling_group resource? I can see terraform-providers/terraform-provider-aws@e772e54 where you added a comment in the docs suggesting that they shouldn't be used at the same time but I can't see why it doesn't just straight conflict in the schema similar to security_groups and vpc_security_group_ids on the aws_instance resource?
    it would break a few test configs but think it should be fine once those changes are made, but don't know if there's any reasoning behind why they've not been set as ConflictsWith
    For anyone interested, I am doing a survey to understand how to better reduce the backlog for AWS and improve the contributor and user experience.
    I would love any responses, it's a short survey!
    and first time trying google forms so should work fine but let me know if you run into issues and share early and often to others
    Andrew Bobulsky
    @bcornils Looks like the form is private
    well that does create a problem. One second
    in theory I have corrected it? https://goo.gl/forms/loLyofbclR4oWbbx2
    Andrew Bobulsky
    Looks good now @bcornils
    phew! thank you for checking.
    Alexey Zilber
    Hi All! I submitted an AWS provider bug 11 days ago where I cannot get an existing eip attached. Is this the right group for such matters or is there a specific AWS provider group?
    via the GH terraform AWS Provider?
    that is the correct place but the team was crazy busy at re:invent and prepping for it so it may not have be addressed yet
    the terraform room may have community members who have already addressed it? and or different set of devs that might be able to chime in quicker
    apologies for that
    Nico Esteves
    Hi, I have a PR on the AWS provider which I suspect might have fallen in the cracks, is this the right place to get some help with it? terraform-providers/terraform-provider-aws#6425 Thanks!
    Sebastian Czoch
    Hello all, I'm new here and not sure if this room is proper place for my question. I run acceptance tests on s3 remote state using make testacc TEST=./backend/remote-state/s3 command on current master branch of terraform. Got constantly error from TestBackendExtraPaths test. Is it issue on my site or acceptance tests are not running before merge or sth else?
    BikalKumar K Jha
    Hi All, Can anyone help me with suggestion on how to use terraform on production environment wherein we already have s3-sns-sqs arrangement and don't want a fresh one to be created. Found terraform import but wanted to check practically it is feasible?
    Feedback/suggestion are highly appreciated.
    BikalKumar K Jha
    I am using aws provider and is working fine. The logic which I used to test it was, creating a blank resource and importing the available resources. Once Imported, compared the attributes of existing and a new one and them adding those attributes to the resources and running terraform apply again.
    By this, if the production resources gets deleted coincidentally, we still have a chance to recreate similar one. However, this doesn't seems to be reliable as we can't do that for production env. We have more than 100resources whch we don't want to recreate with terraform just wanted to manage all of them.
    praneeth papishetty
    Hello all. I am new to terraform and still learning. I am trying to create a new route53 health check and I am getting below error. does terrafrom create a suffix to every config under a resource?
    aws_route53_health_check.ec2_route53_check_west_green: InvalidInput: Invalid XML ; cvc-maxLength-valid: Value '<name from the variable>-terraform-20190315174757971000000001' with length = '66' is not facet-valid with respect to maxLength '64' for type 'HealthCheckNonce'.
    status code: 400, request id:
    "terraform-20190315174757971000000001" this was not configured in any of my variables or in the .tf files
    Hi all, would anyone like to have a chat about GitHub comments and how we can improve our communication to you all via GitHub comments or if there are other ways to help you understand future work we have planned.
    @ewbankkit I would especially love to take maybe 10 minutes of your time if that is acceptable.
    Kit Ewbank
    @bcornils Sure, DM me
    woo hoo!
    Anyone else interested in talking to me about their experience with our OSS GitHub Repos? Looking for the good the bad and the ugly.
    Is anyone able to point me in the right direction? I am trying to add another resource to the AWS terraform provider to create a opsworks chef automate server but for some reason I am getting some type errors. If any one is free I drop you a link to the branch
    Michael Gerlach
    Is this still ongoing?
    I was thinking it was just an event :-P
    Muhammad Jawad Hussain
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