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Repo info
    Ming-der Wang
    Kurt Westerfeld
    Raffaele Sgarro
    Hi there
    Jan R. Krejci
    Hello...Is anybody there ?
    Tadayoshi Sato
    anybody here?
    Anyone here using hawtio embedded in spring boot 2?
    I'm upgrading and one thing which I would like to resolve is to avoid having to connect to a "remote", instead I just want it to automatically connect like it did when I was using spring boot 1 and hawtio 1.x
    Tadayoshi Sato
    @micke-a Have you tried the spring boot example in Hawtio source code? It automatically connects to the running sb instance.
    @tadayosi Yeah, the spring boot example code works prefectly. Automagically connects to the embeded hawtio service which is exactly what I want.
    I just cannot figure out what I'm doing differently.
    Perhaps I'll try and checkout the 2.5.0 tag and test with that, tested code in master.
    @tadayosi I've now checked out the hawtio-2.5.0 tag locally and started up the exmples/springboot and it works fine.
    If you have advice on what I can start to check in my project to try and figure this out that'd be great, used to work fine until upgrading to spring-boot-2 and hawtio 2.5.0.
    Thanks, Mikael
    Found something interesting, when going to the main /actuator/hawtio/ URL instead of using the /actuator/jolokia URL the webapp seems to try and get 404 for below URLs
    I guess that explains why it then goes to the screen where I can enter the connection details.
    The question I haven't quite figured out yet is why this happens on my project but not in the hawtio/examples/spring-boot project
    Found one way to make it work management.endpoints.web.path-mapping.jolokia: hawtio/jolokia override the default jolokia path to match what is being tried.
    Andreas Gies
    Hello, we are using HawtIO in our container, which is scala / osgi based. A long time ago I have contributed the Osgi dependency graphs. Now I am wondering what would be involved to upgrade to 2.6.0. I have seen there are some bundles that need to be deployed, but for now I was unable to find the source for the karaf feature to see the exact bundle list. That would be a great help as I could then just try to install the same bundles in our container.
    My second question is if anybody has developed a plugin or has some sample code in Scala.JS. I am asking as we are a it more familiar with Scala JS and already all our data classes that we would require for our own plugins compiling for the JVM and to ScalaJS.
    Technically our container is an integration framework, which uses Akka / Akka Http and Streams on top of Scala 2.12 and OSGi.
    Andreas Gies
    Answering one of my own questions : I have found the feature for Karaf and will see to replicate the setup in our container. Any hints towards ScalaJS woul be great :)