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    :point_up: August 12, 2020 9:54 AM
    @jerrinot we use client-server topology and don't use (probably yet) User Code Deployment. We have an automated processes to deliver those jars (Kubernetes for development and semi-manual deployment in PROD)
    [Sharath Sahadevan (Sharath Sahadevan)] @dineshbhagat : yes , a few of our clients have upgraded or are in the process of upgrading to 4.0.x. Plan your code changes per the docs, test it in your test and performance env and the roll it out to Prod. We do have a migration tool for Enterprise customers ( who have a license ) to ease the migration path. In addition our expert services team assists with migration planning and implementation as needed. After reviewing the docs above, if you have any specific feedback on what is missing that would be helpful in improving our documentation. Let us know if you have any questions as you go through the upgrade process.
    @ssahadevan can you please share download link/web page for the migration tool?
    [Sharath Sahadevan (Sharath Sahadevan)] @dineshbhagat - The migration tool uses WAN replication for migrating data from the old version to the new 4.x. If you are currently an enterprise customer, please reach out to the Hazelcast Account Exec or Solution Architect that you work with or the support portal ( https://hazelcast.zendesk.com/hc/en-us) they can assist. If you do not have a license and would like one, please reach out to sales@hazelcast.com and we can get you set up. Let me know if there are more questions.
    @ssahadevan Thank you, will reach out.
    Ulf Adams
    What happens if I change the eviction config of an IMap in some instances of a running cluster? What if I change it in all instances? Does it pick up the new eviction config or does it continue to use the config from when I first started the cluster?
    Can Gencer
    Hi, we'll be decommissioning this channel soon - please join us at https://slack.hazelcast.com

    It looks you had deployed a webapplication with an embedded Hazelcast. Then you undeployed the application from Tomcat, but the application failed to stop Hazelcast instance. You should always stop all Hazelcast instances when an application is being stopped. the simplest thing should be to call HazelcastInstance.shutdown() from a context listener. See an example here: https://www.codejava.net/java-ee/servlet/weblistener-annotation-examples

    Thanks you @jerrinot


    Hi Community,
    I am currently using hazelcast client server topology and my webapplications are acting as clients .
    both server and clients are running in same node.

    now i want to enable ssl for my hazelcast server , could some one guide me about the process and share me any reference links.

    Jiří Holuša
    Hi @murali474 :) Just a note, this channel will close soon. Please join us on https://slack.hazelcast.com
    thanks @Holmistr
    Yaroslav Derman
    Hello. I try to use hazelcast with scala and get strange error com.hazelcast.nio.serialization.HazelcastSerializationException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.hazelcast.Scala.KeyedDeltaUpdates$UpdateEP
    Hi Team, Do we have any way to export hazelcast map from one cluster and import into other cluster. Please suggest.
    [Sharath Sahadevan (Sharath Sahadevan)] @danishxav: Hazelcast Enterprise has a feature called wan replication that can replicate data from one cluster to another. Requires a license. Also please note that this channel will close soon. Please join us on https://slack.hazelcast.com
    Thanks @ssahadevan

    Hi guys, i have simillar problem like here in a opened ticket hazelcast/hazelcast#17062
    However my error is different so maybe it's worth to ask you.

    Hazecast version 4.0.1
    Configuration: 3-member hazelcast cluster deployed on K8s, microservice using Hazelcast Client to connect to this cluster (as well deployed on k8s in same namespace)
    a) after deployment hazelcastClient server can detect all 3 members and connect to the cluster, everything works as expected
    b) when hazelcast cluster is restarted, client cannot connect again automatically (i need to every time restart the pod of the HZClient to make it possible to connect again). Error log:

    com.hazelcast.client.HazelcastClientNotActiveException: Client is shutting down
        at com.hazelcast.client.impl.spi.impl.ClientInvocation.notifyException(ClientInvocation.java:260)
        at com.hazelcast.client.impl.spi.impl.ClientInvocation.invokeOnSelection(ClientInvocation.java:196)
        at com.hazelcast.client.impl.spi.impl.ClientInvocation.invoke(ClientInvocation.java:143)
        at com.hazelcast.client.impl.spi.ClientProxy.invokeOnPartition(ClientProxy.java:187)
        at com.hazelcast.client.impl.spi.ClientProxy.invoke(ClientProxy.java:182)
        at com.hazelcast.client.impl.proxy.ClientMapProxy.getInternal(ClientMapProxy.java:251)
        at com.hazelcast.client.impl.proxy.ClientMapProxy.get(ClientMapProxy.java:245)
        at java.base/java.util.concurrent.Executors$RunnableAdapter.call(Unknown Source)
        at java.base/java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(Unknown Source)
        at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
        at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source)
        at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    Caused by: java.io.IOException: No connection found to cluster.
        at com.hazelcast.client.impl.connection.nio.ClientConnectionManagerImpl.checkInvocationAllowed(ClientConnectionManagerImpl.java:487)
        at com.hazelcast.client.impl.spi.impl.ClientInvocationServiceImpl.checkInvocationAllowed(ClientInvocationServiceImpl.java:279)
        at com.hazelcast.client.impl.spi.impl.ClientInvocation.invokeOnSelection(ClientInvocation.java:165)
        ... 30 common frames omitted

    I tried to set reconnection policy but it didn't help. Piece of configuration :

      public HazelcastInstance hazelcastInstanceInCluster() {
        ClientConfig clientConfig = new ClientConfig();
        ClientNetworkConfig networkConfig = clientConfig.getNetworkConfig();
        HazelcastInstance hazelcastInstance = HazelcastClient.newHazelcastClient(clientConfig);
        setEvictionPolicy(hazelcastInstance, densityProperties.getPeopleCacheName(), FIVE_MINUTES);
        return hazelcastInstance;
      private void setConnectionStrategyConfig(ClientConfig clientConfig) {
        ClientConnectionStrategyConfig connectionStrategy = clientConfig.getConnectionStrategyConfig();
        ConnectionRetryConfig connectionRetryConfig = connectionStrategy.getConnectionRetryConfig();


    [Sancar Koyunlu (sancar)] Hi @*AdamUlatowski* Are you using hostname for member adresses ?
    And does these hostnames resolve to different IP address after restart ?
    [Sancar Koyunlu (sancar)] If yes, this issue is not resolved yet. We have a candidate fix on the issue but we need to do more testing on that to verify our fix.
    Hi @sancar thank you for your answer! As you move to slack i have answered there :)
    Can Gencer
    This channel is now deprecated, please use https://slack.hazelcast.com
    Ravi Chandra

    Hi Guys,
    Need your help,
    I have deployed Hazelcast on k8 cluster by helm chart,
    In my application i have a hazelcast client to communicate with hazelcast members on k8 cluster,
    When i am making any call to my application for caching of objects, i am unable to see any cache map on Maneter,
    After checking logs of hazelcast member i found,

    com.hazelcast.nio.serialization.HazelcastSerializationException: There is no suitable de-serializer for type 1459460. This exception is likely caused by differences in the serialization configuration between members or between clients and members.

    I am using Jackson smile for serialization in application

    Nicolas Frankel
    This channel is now deprecated, please use https://slack.hazelcast.com
    1 reply
    Shivam Sharma

    Hello Everyone,

    Do anyone knows what is the name of the thread which hazelcast uses to send heartbeat?

    Matko Medenjak

    Hi @svmsharma20 , it should be some kind of "generic thread". For example - "hz.priceless_galileo.priority-generic-operation.thread-0".

    Also, please join https://slack.hazelcast.com/ as this channel is deprecated and we will stop responding at some point.

    Hi All , getting java.io.utfdataformatexception malformed byte sequence , while retrieving object from hazelcast map. The exception is inconsitent , is there a way to debug the root cause . Or the variable which causes this ?
    can someone know about this error
    INFO: [localhost]:5706 [dev] [3.10.5] Connection[id=9, /0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1:5706->/0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1:46916, endpoint=null, alive=false, type=NONE] closed. Reason: Memcached or SSL not enabled
    How can i resolve this ?
    Nicolas Frankel

    @Vignesh-Thiraviam @priyanshu850

    Also, please join https://slack.hazelcast.com/ as this channel is deprecated and we will stop responding at some point.

    Hello Team , How to connect hazelcast mancenter from spring boot application with client sever architecture , hazelcast mancenter and hazelcast deployed as kuberntes application
    my hazelcast-client.yml
      cluster-name: dev
      instance-name : dev-hz
          address: dev-hz-os:5701
        smart-routing: false
        enabled: true
        url: http://dev-hz-mancenter/mancenter
    HI i have face this error in hazelcast an you please suggest solution for the same
    2021-02-18 02:35:23,430 SEVERE [com.hazelcast.spi.impl.operationexecutor.impl.OperationExecutorImpl] (hz.awom-hazelcast-java-config.partition-operation.thread-7) []:5703 [awom-locking-cluster] [3.9.3] Failed to process packet: Packet{partitionId=103, conn=Connection[id=6, />/, endpoint=[]:5701, alive=true, type=MEMBER], rawFlags=1, isUrgent=false, packetType=OPERATION, typeSpecificFlags=[isResponse=false, isOpControl=false]} on hz.awom-hazelcast-java-config.partition-operation.thread-7: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/hazelcast/util/ExceptionUtil at com.hazelcast.spi.impl.operationservice.impl.OperationRunnerImpl.run(OperationRunnerImpl.java:415) at com.hazelcast.spi.impl.operationexecutor.impl.OperationThread.process(OperationThread.java:115) at com.hazelcast.spi.impl.operationexecutor.impl.OperationThread.run(OperationThread.java:100)
    Viacheslav Petriaiev

    I've tried to use Distributed lock functionality (hazelcastInstance.lock() / hazelcastInstance.unlock()) in Project reactor flow and I've got "Current thread is not owner of the lock!" error.
    How can I use it properly in reactive environment?

    Thank you

    Matko Medenjak
    @panditb @jkanjariya @Viacheslav-Petriaiev please join https://slack.hazelcast.com/ as this channel is deprecated
    David Calap
    Hi, super quick question, do you know how to escape space when trying to perform a put in hazelcast man center console?
    my value is a json structure and one of the fields could have spaces and the console thinks I'm putting more than 2 arguments (put expects key value)
    I have a question about the near cache. We have a large hash map where we are constantly performing lookups, as fast as we can, constantly. The data in the map is static, it's read only. We use the near cache to maintain a local cache of the most used items to keep the performance acceptable. My question is on misses, we will constantly have situations where a value is not in the cache and never will be. Will the near cache save the miss in such a way the next time that key is checked the near cache will know its not in the map and therefor not have to do a lookup to the remote instance. We run it in client server, have 6 main instances and over 1 hundred clients.
    A. Bos
    Hello, I am having the same issues as described here: eclipse-vertx/vert.x#3925
    By any chance, is this a known issue of Hazelcast, or is this something directly related to Vert.x?
    Srikanth S
    Hi everyone, I was using Hazelcast 4.1 version in one of my services with zookeeper discovery mechanism. Recently, I'm starting to see a lot of below errors in the logs. When I tried to research regarding this exception, couldn't find anything useful. Can someone please help me out here?
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: REST API is not enabled.
        at com.hazelcast.internal.server.tcp.UnifiedProtocolDecoder.onRead(UnifiedProtocolDecoder.java:106) ~[hazelcast-4.1.jar!/:4.1]
        at com.hazelcast.internal.networking.nio.NioInboundPipeline.process(NioInboundPipeline.java:137) ~[hazelcast-4.1.jar!/:4.1]
        at com.hazelcast.internal.networking.nio.NioPipeline.lambda$start$0(NioPipeline.java:127) ~[hazelcast-4.1.jar!/:4.1]
        at com.hazelcast.internal.networking.nio.NioThread.processTaskQueue(NioThread.java:355) ~[hazelcast-4.1.jar!/:4.1]
        at com.hazelcast.internal.networking.nio.NioThread.selectLoop(NioThread.java:290) ~[hazelcast-4.1.jar!/:4.1]
        at com.hazelcast.internal.networking.nio.NioThread.executeRun(NioThread.java:249) ~[hazelcast-4.1.jar!/:4.1]
        at com.hazelcast.internal.util.executor.HazelcastManagedThread.run(HazelcastManagedThread.java:102) ~[hazelcast-4.1.jar!/:4.1]
    Andreas Höhmann
    hi all ... I got a trial-lic-key "TrialLicense#9999Nodes#d6u....." .... but it doesn't work ... is the key version-dependend? I'm using springboot 2.5.2 with hazelcast 4.1.1. I'm trying to get SSLConfig working locally ... even with the key I got only "SSL/TLS requires Hazelcast Enterprise Edition". Any ideas?
    Hi All, When an item is pushed to queue and received by publisher will the item still stay in queue and contribute to memory of hazelcast server member ?
    And also how long will this queue item stay in queue , as I never take() item from queue, i only have listener on the queue.
    Hi guys,
    I have k8s cluster with IPv6 network and use hazelcast-kubernetes with the following config:
    Config config = new Config();
    .setProperty("namespace", nameSpace)
    .setProperty("service-name", osmServiceName);
    config.setProperty("hazelcast.slow.operation.detector.enabled", slowOperationDetector);
    config.setProperty("hazelcast.slow.operation.detector.stacktrace.logging.enabled", slowOperationLogging);
    config.setProperty("hazelcast.slow.operation.detector.threshold.millis", slowOperationThreshold);
    In most cases Hazelcast.newHazelcastInstance(createConfig()); hangs forever
    Thread dump says:
    "main" #1 prio=5 os_prio=0 cpu=18097.05ms elapsed=133.80s tid=0x00007f7c88015800 nid=0x2d waiting on condition [0x00007f7c8c376000]
    java.lang.Thread.State: TIMED_WAITING (sleeping)
    at java.lang.Thread.sleep(java.base@11.0.7/Native Method)
    at com.hazelcast.internal.cluster.impl.TcpIpJoiner.tryJoinAddresses(TcpIpJoiner.java:262)
    at com.hazelcast.internal.cluster.impl.TcpIpJoiner.joinViaPossibleMembers(TcpIpJoiner.java:141)
    at com.hazelcast.internal.cluster.impl.TcpIpJoiner.doJoin(TcpIpJoiner.java:96)
    at com.hazelcast.internal.cluster.impl.AbstractJoiner.join(AbstractJoiner.java:137)
    Any ideas why?
    Shivam Sharma

    Hi All,

    After a split-brain in a 2 node Hz cluster, the merging is not happening, and despite knowing which node should merge to which node. Below messages are coming but they are not merging.

    Node -1:
    [10.xxx.xxx.xxx]:5701 should merge to us , both have the same data member count: 1

    We should merge to [10.xxx.xxx.xxx]:5701, both have the same data member count: 1

    What could be the problem?

    Hi All I am getting this error com.hazelcast.jet.JetException: Failed to connect to database: Failed to authenticate to the MySQL database
    Justin Nichols
    Hello! I am trying to run two independent hazelcast nodes (one in each of two spring boot services) on the same server. I don't want them to cluster. One is v4 Hazelcast, one is v5. They are clustering even with having different cluster/group names. Is this possible to do? If so, how would I alter the config so they stay independent?
    Mahdi Raddadi
    I trying to use the embedded hazelcast in my spring boot app in a ec2 elasticbeanstalk instance, after setting the hazelcast configuration with aws,
    I am getting this error,
    Factory method 'hazelcastInstance' threw exception; nested exception is com.hazelcast.spi.exception.RestClientException: Failure executing: GET at: Message: null. HTTP Error Code: 401
    Do I missed somthing to set or to fix?
    I am using hazelcast 5.0
    Rishikesh Chiliveri
    I am using external hazelcast on kubernetes followed this tutorial using helm chart I have successfully created 3 pods with one service
    Now when I open hazelcast management center I can see only one cluster(dev) connected to three members I can connect to it.
    Now I need to create a new cluster with different name other than dev connecting same hazelcast pods (0,1,2) and same hazelcast/service
    Andreas Höhmann
    Hi all, I have (again) a springboot gracefull shutdown question. I'm using springboot 2.6.7 together with hazelcast 5.1.1. If I trigger a gracefull shutdown for my spring-app (sigterm on linux, ctrl+c in windows-cmd) springboot receives this, also hazelcast receives this (but I guess by his own ... "Running shutdown hook... Current state: ACTIVE") and then in my springboot eventhandler where I try to cleanup some of the shared collections the injected HazelcastInstance is already dead. Any hints how to fix this?
    Andreas Höhmann
    I tried something else ... added a "LifecycleListener" and wait for stateChanged with LifecycleEvent.LifecycleState.SHUTTING_DOWN to cleanup the shared collections before the whole app is going down. Is this the right approach?