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    Hello there , quick question . Is it possible to use a hzclient with version of 3.12 to connect to a hzserver with version of 3.11 ?
    ihsan demir
    @lishijun121910 Yes, clients starting from 3.6 up to 3.12.x can be run against any server versions(3.6 up to 3.12.x server versions). Just be careful not to use a new feature introduced in 3.12 but which is not present at 3.11. Otherwise, it should just work fine.
    @benze Please see same discussion and answers above at https://gitter.im/hazelcast/hazelcast?at=5d35b4cf5ea6e644ecfc52e5
    @ihsandemir I had missed that; thanks. @mdogan also pointed me to the github PR hazelcast/hazelcast#15184 which implementst the Unsafe method. The only catch is that until the UNSAFE method is pulled into HC, that the CPSubsystem cannot be reliably implemented in systems that will use < 3 nodes for dev purposes (or testing other functionality) without a bunch of extra code to guard against the CPSubsystem not being available.
    Hi, I found some problem with windows 10 NIC network bridge problem.
    when I use network bridge, member's disconnect
    someone knows this situation?
    I use tcpip connection
    Jakub Igła
    Hello good people, I'm on K8s with latest Istio and mTLS enabled. I'm using dns lookiup discovery mode, which works, but from one side I'm getting: Connection reset by peer and on the other side I get: Connection closed. Reason: Memcached or SSL not enabled.
    Any thoughts?
    Alexander Filipchik
    hello everyone! Just started playing with hazelcast and it is very impressive. However, I'm facing some weird issue with my small (3-4) nodes cluster. I'm on version 3.12.2 and using it in embedded mode. I start 3 node cluster, and create couple distributed objects (Lock, Map, Cache and ring buffer). Then I add a machine, remove a machine simulating a deployment on the Kube. After couple servers come and go cluster gets into unrecoverable stat, so no new nodes can join it. Log is full of:
    WARN [2019-08-08 20:12:03,388] com.hazelcast.spi.impl.operationservice.impl.Invocation: []:5011 [dev] [3.12.2] Retrying invocation: Invocation{op=com.hazelcast.cp.internal.operation.DefaultRaftReplicateOp{serviceName='hz:core:raft', identityHash=1084327575, partitionId=109, replicaIndex=0, callId=605, invocationTime=1565295123387 (2019-08-08 13:12:03.387), waitTimeout=-1, callTimeout=60000, groupId=CPGroupId{name='METADATA', seed=0, commitIndex=0}, op=com.hazelcast.cp.internal.raftop.metadata.GetActiveRaftGroupByNameOp{serviceName='hz:core:raft', groupName=default}}, tryCount=250, tryPauseMillis=500, invokeCount=100, callTimeoutMillis=60000, firstInvocationTimeMs=1565295088622, firstInvocationTime='2019-08-08 13:11:28.622', lastHeartbeatMillis=0, lastHeartbeatTime='1969-12-31 16:00:00.000', target=null, pendingResponse={VOID}, backupsAcksExpected=0, backupsAcksReceived=0, connection=null}, Reason: com.hazelcast.spi.exception.WrongTargetException: WrongTarget! local: Member []:5011 - 5e28dc32-0311-430b-8e6d-c9cd4aca6649 this, expected-target: null, partitionId: 109, replicaIndex: 0, operation: com.hazelcast.cp.internal.operation.DefaultRaftReplicateOp, service: hz:core:raft
    and after some iterations it gives up with
    Caused by: com.hazelcast.spi.exception.WrongTargetException: WrongTarget! local: Member []:5011 - 5e28dc32-0311-430b-8e6d-c9cd4aca6649 this, expected-target: null, partitionId: 109, replicaIndex: 0, operation: com.hazelcast.cp.internal.operation.DefaultRaftReplicateOp, service: hz:core:raft
    at com.hazelcast.spi.impl.operationservice.impl.Invocation.newTargetNullException(Invocation.java:336)
    I assume that discovery works, as I can see it in the:
    Members {size:3, ver:13} [
    Member []:5010 - a7df6100-3e52-4458-9ed2-acbf92a0d6ec
    Member []:5013 - 2d568eff-6bbb-458f-9956-c2b069b7e257
    Member []:5011 - 5e28dc32-0311-430b-8e6d-c9cd4aca6649 this
    is it a known issue? Am I doing simulation of a rolling deploy wrong (same issue is on kube)?
    i do use CPSubsystem for locking
    Alexander Filipchik
    I also use shutdown hook to gracefully terminate hzinstances, but still getting into a broken state
    Alexander Filipchik
    And it gets stuck on: hazelcastInstance.getCPSubsystem().getLock(name) call
    Alexander Filipchik
    ok, I made it work. My assessment -> CP subsystem in the current state in not really compatible with kube dynamic env. To make it compatible it should automatically handle shutdowns (which is not happening right now). I had to code around it and it still can fail
    Hello , I have encountered a weird thing , my embedded Hazelcast Instance shutdown itself suddenly (I did nothing) . All I got is "State: SHUT_DOWN Operation: class com.hazelcast.map.impl.operation.GetOperation" this application log (I didn't open hazelcast log before). I have no idea why this happened , anybody has any clue? any answers will be appreciated .
    Will Neild
    Hi, we're using jet but we are consistently having tasks failing to start due to com.hazelcast.core.OperationTimeoutException: MapEventJournalSubscribeOperation got rejected before execution due to not starting within the operation-call-timeout of: 60000 ms. We are running streaming jobs against maps with the default journal size of 10k, running Jet 3.0 on a 3 member cluster and the cluster is not particularly busy. Are there any suggestions as to where we could start investigating with regards to this?
    Can Gencer
    @wneild could you give some more details, logs etc?
    how many partitions, partition threads? sounds like something is likely blocking partition threads?
    Can Gencer
    a thread dump while it's waiting to start might help
    Martin Furmanski
    would it be possible to get a fix for this on 3.7 https://www.cvedetails.com/cve/CVE-2016-10750 ?
    im using 3.3.2 and seeing a ton of traffic between members
    any way i can triage what its doing?
    its driving CPU up like crazy
    does it cache something and try to update members ? where is that cache?
    Hi - Is there anyway to add an Eviction Listener in an ICache instance? I expected that an entry Eviction would trigger the CacheEntryRemoveListener but it does not. So I'm not sure how to add an EvictionListener an the ICache object.
    Hi I have two hazelcast clusters (v3.12.1) working on that same server with different group names configured to work on that same port range. My expectation was that two separate clusters will be created. Instead of that second cluster shut down with following information: "Could not join cluster.
    Shutting down now!"
    previos log is: 14:47:54,266 WARN cluster Log4jFactory$Log4jLogger log 51 [host]:29668 [GROUP_NAME1] [3.12.1] Node could not join cluster at node: [host]:29667 Cause: the target cluster has a different group-name
    Vassilis Bekiaris
    @benze there is no support for listening for evictions either specified in JCache standard or as a Hazelcast-specific extension. Also you may want to have a look at https://docs.hazelcast.org/docs/3.12.1/manual/html-single/index.html#jcache-eviction that explains Hazelcast's eviction implementation
    feel free to create an issue here: https://github.com/hazelcast/hazelcast/issues/new
    @vbekiaris Thanks; I've come to that conclusion myself after trying to step/read through the HZ code. I did see the support for an IMap though; is there any way to access the underlying CacheRecordStore from a Cache to add a Listener? Or to cast a Cache to an IMap?
    Richard Friend
    Hi, I would like to understand how lock replication works when using an IMap lock. What I am seeing is that if I have a two node cluster running (node-1 and node-2). Each node is attempting to acquire a lock using multiple threads. I observe the lock being released on node-2, node-2 leaves the cluster shortly afterwards. It looks like the backup is resurrected preventing any other threads from obtaining the lock (unless by chance it was a thread on node 1 that originally acquired the lock in which case the LockResourceImpl#lockCountgets incremented to 2 and back down to 1 when it is released. I can tell this is the same lock that was earlier released because I set some debug points in the lock/unlock methods of LockResourceImpl and print out the acquireTime. We are currently running hazelcast 3.11.1 and I have verified the same behaviour on hazelcast 3.11.4 is this a known issue? Expected behaviour? Is there a system property I can set that requires replica ack of lock operations? Upgrading to 3.12.1 and switching to fenced locks is not a possibility for us at this time. Would setting a quorom help? the number of the nodes in the cluster is dynamic scaling from 1-30 so I don't know how we would configure that. I am happy to write up more details on a github issue, if this is a genuine issue
    Jyothsna Lekkala
    from which version of Hazelcast IMDG is password authentication removed from open source?
    does anyone know
    Hello Hazelcast Team, We are planing to use hazelcast IMDG in our existing project, We are starting our POC and for that we want to create 3 nodes of hazelcast cluster.
    We have some question, Can you please answers ?
    Q1 ) We see HazelCast IMDG free version is also avaliable, Can we use this in our POC cluster ? will its licence expire after certain time ?
    Q2) We also wants Hazelcast Mancenter to monitor cluster, Man center version is also avaliable for free ?
    Yukti Kaura

    starting with Hazelcast Enterprise 3.8, each next minor version released will be compatible with the previous one. For example, it will be possible to perform a rolling upgrade on a cluster running Hazelcast Enterprise 3.8 to Hazelcast Enterprise 3.9 whenever that is released.

    Is there any plan to support rolling upgrades between non-subsequent minor versions in future?

    For e.g. 3.8 and 3.11 ?

    Is there anyway using the jcache apis and Hazelcast's extension thereof to modify a cache's expiry listeners once the cache has already been created/declared declaratively? I see that there is the ability to associate an EcpiryPolicy on a per key basis or on a set of keys, but can it be done for the default settings of the cache? My use case is that I can only ddetermine the expiry policy timeout programatically, by calling a third party microservice, and consequently, i do not have that information available to me at build time to put in the xml file.
    Skyler L
    What is the best way to aggregate the contents of a distributed MultiMap? It appears that MultiMap.aggregate() was deprecated but not replaced with a similar feature in jet
    Vassilis Bekiaris
    @jyothsna password validation was removed in 3.8.2 by hazelcast/hazelcast#10377. Clusters in the same network can be still separated based on group name.
    Vassilis Bekiaris
    @sangramchavan1991 Hazelcast open source (https://hazelcast.org/download/) is available under the terms of the Apache 2 license (https://choosealicense.com/licenses/apache-2.0/) which is quite permissive (allows you to run Hazelcast in production, redistribute it with your project under certain conditions etc). Disclaimer: I am not providing legal advice, please do you own research to conclude whether using Hazelcast under the terms of Apache 2 license fits your purposes. Other than Hazelcast open source, there are enterprise & professional editions which have a number of additional features (see more at https://hazelcast.com/product-features/imdg-comparison/). Regarding management center, you can use the open source version to monitor a Hazelcast cluster of up to 3 members (see more at https://docs.hazelcast.org/docs/management-center/latest/manual/html/#getting-started).
    Hi All ..Need some help on processing JSON string from hazelCast IMDG
    can any one please hem me on this
    Hello everyone
    Just wondering how to enable rest ? GroupConfig.REST_ENABLED is depreciated , refers to RestApiConfig but i dont understand how to use the latter