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@markherringer Thanks, by the way: is this the right place to post such questions?
Mikel Maron
have a partner looking at health facilities for India. how can 1) find out the composition of data in a country? (ie is it all OSM? other imported data and individual corrections as well?) 2) download all data for a single country?
Mark Herringer
Hi @mikelmaron here is the India link: https://healthsites.io/map?country=India
you can download the OSM data from the link on this page
Mark Herringer
we can do extrinsic data analysis but to date have only established analysis on WHO data for Africa
with regards to the data provenance we default to OSM
Mikel Maron
ah I need to be signed in to see the download link
@markherringer so it's all OSM data?
Mark Herringer
Mikel Maron
k thx
only points?
Mark Herringer
Mikel Maron
ah there's nodes and ways
Let us know if there is a particular feature your partner needs
we have a back log here
Nick Stergiopoulos
Hello, is there a particular way to get all hospitals data in JSON form using API ?
Platform says : Download all healthsite data from Shapefile is not found, please ask admin to generate it.but link doesn't redirect to ask admin
Hello everyone, Do you know if there is a way to download older datasets of healthsites ? Or is it only possible to download the latest updates of the datasets ? Thank you very much !

Hello dear all

first of all: many thanks for bringing Healthsites to the world. I am pretty sure that this is very helpful: one question, is there a particular way to get all hospitals data in JSON form using API ?

I need to find out the way of exporting the data in JSON formate - Thank you very much!

Output format for the request. (json/xml/geojson, default: json)
Is this what you need @fsj-digital ?

hello dear Mark - yes: many thanks - i ve fetched at this page


the shema document:

Load the schema document

$ coreapi get https://healthsites.io/api/docs/

and now i am able to interact - accordingly

Interact with the API endpoint

$ coreapi action api v2 > facilities > list -p api-key=... -p page=... -p country=... -p extent=... -p output=... -p from=... -p to=... -p flat-properties=... -p tag-format=...

ps - i guess that i need an api-key here too!?

many thanks for all you did!!

Hi everyone - I'm trying to download a complete global dataset, merging some population and income geospatial datasets via stata. I'm unclear how to download a comprehensive dataset for stata - could someone assist?
Ilkin Valiyev
hi guys
please help me
how can i get Azerbaijan hospitals list api?
Mark Herringer
@meomancer could you support @ilkinvaliyev with this request please?
could I please get Nigeria and Egypt's hospital lists api?
Mark Herringer
See API link above @pbaxter:matrix.org
Hi, I'm looking for data on global hospital admissions for a couple of respiratory diseases, where would I be able to find this?
Mark Herringer
Hello @irina98:matrix.org we don't have this data
I see, thanks!

dear Community,

whats the most appropiate way and method to import the dataset (and the map) of a healthsites.io-request to wordpress:

lets take for example the following request:


should we do this via


note: A Line layer consists of two different types of OSM features, Ways and Nodes. ... sections of this plugin section according to their functionality (editing, identification, etc.).

BTW - can i export the data of healthsits only in CSV formate - that means: what if i only want to gather the POI

is this doable too!?

Then i can poulate the data in to a MySQL or PostGreSQL db

look forward to hear from you

Hello to all, I am running https://healthsites.io/api/docs/#api-v2-facilities-list and I have an error 502.
Clément ROSEAU
hi everyone, thanks for this beautiful map that is healthsites. I am trying to download the complete world set as a shapefile, but i am currently facing issues. The download stops at one point... Could you help me ? thx !

@operasDev @operasDev

Hello to all, I am running https://healthsites.io/api/docs/#api-v2-facilities-list and I have an error 502.

hi there: i am also having issues with this operation - i hope that some one can give us some hints


hi everyone, thanks for this beautiful map that is healthsites. I am trying to download the complete world set as a shapefile, but i am currently facing issues. The download stops at one point... Could you help me ? thx !

hi @croseau , many thanks for stepping up the plate. plz let us know if you still have issues? Look forward to hear from you

Thomas Burgess
Hi there, how do you get an API key?
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Pippa Yeats
hi @markherringer Pippa here from Turn.io. I believe you know fellow Co-Founders Simon and Gustav. We have a potential project in Argentina that we might be able to use healthsites for and wanted to ask a couple of questions. Hope this is the right place. Is it possible to return results only for a specific province?