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Mark Herringer

Hello Mike here is the global shape file:

Hi Mark - thanks very much for the pointers, very much appreciated. All the best :-)


hi @all
first of all: many thanks for bringing healthsites to the world: this is just outstanding and great!

i work for an organization that contributes to volunteering opportunities especially in the field of education and medicine (hospital, clinic etc. etx).
peace and development through volunteerism worldwide. Volunteerism - in general - is a powerful means of engaging people in tackling development challenges, and it can transform the the engagement of a single volunteer. Volunteerism benefits both society at large and - besides that- the individual volunteer by strengthening trust, solidarity and reciprocity among citizens, and by purposefully creating opportunities for participation. At the moment we re thinking about doing some first steps with the great dataset of healthsites.

– regarding healthsites this is the most important link: https://healthsites.io/api/docs/
Means there is an API to get the data from with a personal API key …: note: with this - i should be able to put the data on a website

  • e.g. to a mapping plugins of wordpress. there some of them working with openStreetmap - see for example: https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/search/map/
    they are equipped with a whole lot of top notch and very advanced features so we do not need to manually embedded map.
    In addition to single or multiple locations, interactive map plugins provide:

– were able to add – Custom icons and markers
– Animations
– Filter and search options
– Clusterization
– Zooming and panning
– pinning the map to a block
– using the data that comes shipped with the map.

question: can we run and apply the data from the Open data collaboration https://healthsites.io in wordpress
look forward to hear from you

above all: keep up the great project - it rocks.

This database is based on the work presented on this paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41597-019-0142-2
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good day dear experts
I've been working with healthcare in the past, but most of what I have seen is proprietary. I'm interested in reproducible research hence my need for open data. Any suggestions?
see for example some ressources: https://npgeo-corona-npgeo-de.hub.arcgis.com/datasets/348b643c8b234cdc8b1b345210975b87_0

and the other ones:


questions: can i work with the data and maps and thelike from above!? Is this possible?!

btw: the healthsites.io - project provides data that is very limited - i think that the do not have the full set of data (of openstreetmap) i guess that there is only a small amount and subset of data (of osm) derived... therefore i guess that healthcare.io only delivers a weak set of data - worse and not usable for my goals...

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@tarifa10 healthsites.io mirrors OSM. There should be no difference in the amount of facilities


hello dear Marcel,

first of all; many thanks for the quick reply: great to hear from you. Well i need for a project the data of European, African and South-American Hospitals. i need the maps and the POI-Data.

which is the best way to obtain these datasets - i am not fully aware - which way to go!?

i have tried several steps to gather a. the map-data and the POIs... cf:

[out:csv(::id,::type,::lon, ::lat, "name","addr:postcode","addr:city","addr:street","addr:housenumber","contact:website"," contact:email=*")][timeout:600];

/ more areas../

/ other queries... /
out center;

output sample:

@id @type @lon @lat name addr:postcode addr:city addr:street addr:housenumber contact:website contact:email=*
35332685 node -43.9485880 -19.8175998 Hospital Risoleta Tolentino Neves Belo Horizonte Rua das Gabirobas 1
302101961 node -62.2772347 -38.7112157 Municipal de Agudos Dr. Leónidas Lucero - Guardia Bravard 37
316377282 node -71.5400129 -33.0281148 Hospital de Niños
316804832 node -62.2724729 -38.7129502 Español - Guardia Casanova 25
316810199 node -62.2491985 -38.7150331 Unidad Sanitaria Delegación Bella Vista Charcas 906
321448936 node -50.5176971 -23.1476022 Hospital Municipal Santa Alice 86350-000 Santa Mariana Rua Manoel da Silva Machado 550
321510735 node -44.0815901 -19.9321119 Posto de Saúde Bernardo Monteiro
330051401 node -70.5573288 -33.5687867 Integramedica Puente Alto Avenida Camilo Henríquez 3296
331107838 node -43.1904033 -22.9367950 Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia
338511118 node -70.5813935 -33.5745464 Hospital de Niños
344023732 node -43.1995077 -22.9530371 Instituto Estadual de Cardiologia Aloysio de Castro
415797968 node -43.1769401 -22.9533746 Hospital Municipal Rocha Maia
416969462 node -43.1788391 -22.9507470 Policlínica de Botafogo 22290-240 Rio de Janeiro Avenida Pasteur 72

question: do i get the same dataset - out of the healthsites.io - data...?

Well i would love to gather the data that i need via healthsites.io - eg via downloading data from

a. maps @healthsites.io - countrywise - country by country... or via
b. the very interesting ressource at https://export.hotosm.org/de/v3/exports or via
c. download of the world-(planet-file) and healthsites.io

again: i need for a project the data of European, African and South-American Hospitals. i need the maps and the POI-Data. so we can conclude that i need both: a. maps
data.. (poi-data)

what do you suggest!? i look forward to hear from you



hi @jeff303

well that would be very very interesting to mee too:

Is there a way to search for facilities by both name, and country? The v2 > facilities > list API method accepts a country filter, but appears to have no way to narrow down by name. The v2 > facilities > autocomplete > list API method takes a query string, but doesn't appear to allow a country filter.

i would love to see such a option


tags for hospital & healthcare - various different Attributes

hi dear community,

i have several datasets - datasets derived from the living atlas AT ESRI

see https://livingatlas.arcgis.com/en/home/

datasets from hospitals

US-Hospitals: 2.669 records
map: https://hub.arcgis.com/datasets/53b8031b906e43c4a4dbcf2250022ca0_0?geometry=-88.345%2C-8.577%2C-139.322%2C74.544
data: https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=53b8031b906e43c4a4dbcf2250022ca0

german hospitals (hospital) OpenStreetMap: 2.854 records:




US-Hospitals: 2.669 records
map: https://hub.arcgis.com/datasets/53b8031b906e43c4a4dbcf2250022ca0_0?geometry=-88.345%2C-8.577%2C-139.322%2C74.544
data: https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=53b8031b906e43c4a4dbcf2250022ca0

german hospitals (hospital) OpenStreetMap: 2.854 records:

Data sources and methodology
The inputs for the ODHF are datasets whose sources include regional health authorities, provincial, territorial and municipal governments, and public health and professional healthcare bodies. These datasets were available either under one of the various types of open data licences, e.g., in an open government portal, or as publicly available data. In certain cases, data were obtained directly from administrative sources. Details of the sources used are available in the ODHF metadata.

The data sources used do not deploy a uniform classification system. The ODHF harmonizes facility type by assigning one of three types to each health facility. This was done based on the facility type provided in the source data as well as using other research carried out for the purpose. The facility types used in the ODHF are: ambulatory health care services, hospitals, and nursing and residential care facilities. However, alternative medicine (e.g., herbalists) and specialist areas (e.g., chiropractors, dentists, mental health specialists, etc.) are not in scope for the current ODHF version (version 1.0).

The ODHF does not assert having exhaustive coverage and may not contain all facilities in scope for the current version. While efforts have been made to minimize these, facility type classification and geolocation errors are also possible. While all data are released on the same date, the dates as of which data are current depends on the update dates of the sources used.

A subset of geo-coordinates available in the source data were validated using the internet and updated as needed. When latitude and longitude were not available, geocoding was performed for some sources using address data in the source. Some coordinates were also removed from the original sources when it was determined they were derived from postal codes or other aggregate geographic areas as opposed to street address.

Deduplication was done to remove duplicates for cases where sources overlapped in coverage.

This first version

I was hoping to find more information about the validation process/quality check of data added to Healthsites. Does someone know where I can find this information?
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@snirandjan @snirandjan The famous Unversity of Heidelberg did a great job - Thx @snirandjan for raising this topic - !!!
Hi everyone, I am wondering whether there is documentation somewhere for available filter operators? I would like to be able to send the request with a filter, besides the provided query parameters. Like if I wanted to see only the list of health sites with diagnostic services(via api call). How is that achieved? The docs here : https://healthsites.io/api/docs are not giving me such information.
Mark Herringer
Hello @chaiwa-berian thank you for your request. I've rasied a ticket here:
@markherringer Thanks, by the way: is this the right place to post such questions?
Mikel Maron
have a partner looking at health facilities for India. how can 1) find out the composition of data in a country? (ie is it all OSM? other imported data and individual corrections as well?) 2) download all data for a single country?
Mark Herringer
Hi @mikelmaron here is the India link: https://healthsites.io/map?country=India
you can download the OSM data from the link on this page
Mark Herringer
we can do extrinsic data analysis but to date have only established analysis on WHO data for Africa
with regards to the data provenance we default to OSM
Mikel Maron
ah I need to be signed in to see the download link
@markherringer so it's all OSM data?
Mark Herringer
Mikel Maron
k thx
only points?
Mark Herringer
Mikel Maron
ah there's nodes and ways
Let us know if there is a particular feature your partner needs
we have a back log here
Nick Stergiopoulos
Hello, is there a particular way to get all hospitals data in JSON form using API ?
Platform says : Download all healthsite data from Shapefile is not found, please ask admin to generate it.but link doesn't redirect to ask admin
Hello everyone, Do you know if there is a way to download older datasets of healthsites ? Or is it only possible to download the latest updates of the datasets ? Thank you very much !

Hello dear all

first of all: many thanks for bringing Healthsites to the world. I am pretty sure that this is very helpful: one question, is there a particular way to get all hospitals data in JSON form using API ?

I need to find out the way of exporting the data in JSON formate - Thank you very much!

Output format for the request. (json/xml/geojson, default: json)
Is this what you need @fsj-digital ?

hello dear Mark - yes: many thanks - i ve fetched at this page


the shema document:

Load the schema document

$ coreapi get https://healthsites.io/api/docs/

and now i am able to interact - accordingly

Interact with the API endpoint

$ coreapi action api v2 > facilities > list -p api-key=... -p page=... -p country=... -p extent=... -p output=... -p from=... -p to=... -p flat-properties=... -p tag-format=...

ps - i guess that i need an api-key here too!?

many thanks for all you did!!

Hi everyone - I'm trying to download a complete global dataset, merging some population and income geospatial datasets via stata. I'm unclear how to download a comprehensive dataset for stata - could someone assist?
Ilkin Valiyev
hi guys
please help me