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  • May 17 2015 07:44
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    cobbpg on miniyampa

    Added MiniYampa. (compare)

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    One more fix. (compare)

  • Apr 29 2015 09:39

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    Yet another fix of .travis.yml (compare)

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    zudov on master

    cd back in travis script (compare)

  • Apr 29 2015 07:50

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    Fixed flag argument (compare)

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    Refactored `yampyCube` (compare)

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    Fixed code blocks inside lists (compare)

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    Renamed executable Added linux build instructions (compare)

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    zudov on master

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  • Apr 25 2015 14:41

    zudov on master

    Some refactoring (compare)

Tuomas Hietanen
too bad I'm not in Finland in 2015-10-24 to attend the Lambda Hackathon (note the 2^10 format of the date)
Anyone interesed becoming my Master's thesis instructor? I'll be doing FRP things with robots. I plan on using Reflex, integrate that with roshask, and simulate the some sort of robot in Gazebo.
i guess #reflex-frp might be a good channel to ask this...
Yes, that is the channel I will ask for practical questions. Those people are however probably not as capable for being physically present for asking FRP questions which would help me think and write the diploma thesis.
Pyry Jahkola
I'd love to help but I'm not qualified.
perhaps in Tallin, Wolfgang
might be interested...
if you can go to Talinn for consulation
i can imagine that #reflex-frp could be super helpful
they are for me, for sure
any quesioins got answered... i asked...
worth a try
for a thesis advisor, perhaps try looking at the FRP group... that was started by Hudak
might get some research ideas....
some of the postdocs there might be interested...
Basically only requirement for a thesis advisor is that he/she has a master's level degree in something. It doesn't even matter what type of a degree.
Other practical option I have that I just get some paper filling advisor from the university (Aalto), from our robotics faculty. However I think while he might be able to provide help on ROS/Gazebo parts, and maybe some algorithmic parts, but those I can reduce to be relatively trivial for the thesis. The interesting part would be the analysis of Reflex asynchronous stuff, as at least reflex-dom has a way of dealing with that.
Konstantin Zudov
@tjtolon From the point of handling asynchronous stuff FRPNow seemed slightly more interesting to me than Reflex
@zudov Thanks for mentioning that, actually I am not yet that deep into choosing the FRP implementation so I have to look into FRPNow, and how it differs from reflex.
I was thinking that I would do something that I'd have asynchronous FRP stuff that outputs higher order signals/behaviours, for example robot would have path planner computing asynchronously different types of paths, and the result would be a behaviour which is executed more quickly for robot movement. Now I have to look if higher order signals are possible in FRPNow, and read the paper carefully.
André Staltz

Quick curiosity, did you know gitter supports some LaTeX?

(ff)(x)=f(f(x))=f2(x)(f\circ f)(x) = f(f(x)) = f^2(x)

> $$(f\circ f)(x) = f(f(x)) = f^2(x)$$

nice :)
irc does not... but now everybody is on irc...