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Oct 2015
Oct 17 2015 17:38
Do you think we should separate house classes between realtors, or all houses should be purchasable from one office? If we separate them, how would people know to which office to go?
I added 5 realtor locations you suggested.
Oct 17 2015 17:49
Also, I found a way to make choosing a house look pretty, but we need a lot of work to be done for it.
Basicly this is a realtor mechanic I implement now:
  1. You come to 1 of 5 office locations, menu pops up asking if you want to come in.
  2. You are in office, menu with house classes pops up.
  3. You choose class, it asks you if you want to choose area or go through all houses in that class.
  4. Camera position changes, showing houses one by one. You can go forward, back in list, see interior (camera teleports in) or exit.
  5. You choose a house, purchase confirm decision pops up.
  6. House is bought, blip appears on map, you exit realtor office.
So for this to work we need to go through all houses and interiors, choosing coords and heading for cinematic camera.
BTW, don't do that now, because I have special mod I've done in the past for easy coordiantes and heading saving.
I'll confirm that it still works and send it to you.
Henny Smafter
Oct 17 2015 18:03
Fam problem be there soon
Alright. Had a issue with the family. So needed to deal with that first. I like the mechanic.
Henny Smafter
Oct 17 2015 18:11
As you know I am up for long and tideous work. You do the difficult coding and I will do the saving of coords and heading. (For some pictures I used to stand up a bus I guess this can't be done when using your mod?) Anyhow I won't start on that until you give the go ahead. I go back to GUI for now as I have been away from it long enough already. Since my meal I haven't done a damn thing. Except for extinguishing fires you know how it goes.