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Repo info
    Herbert Vojčík
    @/all: domite is upgraded to 0.3.0, while renamed to include it to amber-contrib group: repo is renamed to amber-smalltalk/amber-contrib-domite, bower name renamed to amber-contrib-domite, namespace renamed to 'amber/domite'.
    Herbert Vojčík
    @/all: Silk updated to 0.1.3 which uses renamed domite and amber>=0.14.13.
    Hannes Hirzel
     git remote add upstream https://github.com/herby/silk
     git fetch upstream
     git rebase upstream/master
     git push -f origin
    Herbert Vojčík
    @hhzl Well, since it uses different dependency now, rm -r bower_components && bower install && grunt devel is needed as well.
    Herbert Vojčík
    @/all added Silk to bower as silk. Now that bower 1.4 has, finally, the unregister command, it's easy to migrate if it is adopted enough to move out from my repo / renamed id / etc.