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thanks for your appreciation, the link will be updated tonight ~ 🍻
sorry,a little late to reply .
Lokendra Sharma
I guess, I think I kinda did a mistake. I recently started using hexo, and really it's useful. But I didn't knew that the code was not saved in my github.io repository. I thought it just commits the whole thing there. So I deleted my local copy, thinking later on I will get it back from my github. but when I checked now, I don't know how to setup hexo back again from the repo.
@l0k3ndr It seems like that you used the deploy tool in hexo, but it only upload the generated files to the remote repo. If you delete the local files, the sourse files will disappeared forever.
Lokendra Sharma
@liubenbencom Yes :( V_V V_V I had to recreate the source. This time I created a separate repo. I mean I just didn't knew that hexo won't save it. stupid of me to make that assumption.
Sergey Kryvets

How to properly regsiter a filter?
Following documentation on the website:

hexo.extend.filter.register('before_post_render', function (data) {
  data.title = data.title.toUpperCase()
  return data

Doesn't log anything which means it's not being executed.

I created a "scripts" folder and put this code in there, inside my-script.js file
kurt willis
a little late, but is your scripts folder located in root/scripts and not in root/source/scripts?
Igal Tabachnik
Hello! I have a question about deploying. I noticed that every time my blog is deployed to gh-pages (using the deployer plugin), all of the old posts become "Edited" with the same date. Shouldn't only the changed posts become edited? How does hexo detect changes?
I'm developing a theme recently,and i have some problem.one of problem is how to show all catigories and post,i mean like this```
categories1 - post1,categories2 - post2
Hi everyone. I liked hexo. There is a bit of a problem. I chose the theme Aloha. There are no "Archive", "Tags", or "Categories"categories. And all. I don't know where to dig or what to write. I'm sorry if I disturbed you.
Ángel Cervera Claudio

Hi all. One problem rendering this simple markdown:


{% post_link recycled_homemade_cluster 'Recycled homemade cluster' %}


{% post_link recycled_homemade_cluster 'Recycled homemade cluster' %}

Why is rendering it correctly the second time, but it is not doing it the first time?
Rukshan Ranatunge
Hi can anyone tell me if there is a way to select the fist n number of posts?
Falon Darville
@rukshn can you elaborate on what you're trying to do? I might be able to help
Sergey Zwezdin
Are there any filter in Hexo that runs before starting generating?
I see there is before_generate, but it runs after before_post_render.
I’d like to have something that runs before before_post_render on every site rebuild, i.e. if I run hexo server and change anything, I’d like to have a filter that runs before everything starting generating.
Sergey Zwezdin

Anyone using Hexo with Contentful: https://www.contentful.com/

@amirrustam have you found anything?

Shane Liesegang

Looking at moving a site from Hugo to Hexo and I'm currently a little confused about permalinks and the generated output. When I call url_for(page.path) in a template, it correctly outputs directory/page-name, but the output files are directory/page-name.html. With Hugo, I would instead get directory/page-name/index.html.

I tried building the source code for the Hexo website and it looks like it also generates directory/page-name.html, but the served site works fine with directory/page-name. I'm guessing it's using URL rewriting on the server to handle that.

Basically I'm wondering if there's any way to get the generated files to be directory/page-name/index.html, but I can't seem to find any documentation around this. Is the expectation that you simply let the server do the rewrites? (I found it weird that hexo server doesn't handle the configured permalinks that way, but that made me suspect that maybe my configuration is all wrong...)

Any reason why you're switching from Hugo to Hexo?
Shane Liesegang
@Qws Just investigating other options -- Hugo's nature as a compiled executable helps it be super fast, but makes it less flexible in general. (Wanting to monkey around with some of the lower level markdown stuff and I'd basically have to commit to maintaining my own fork.)
Hi guys,
anybody faced this issue; converting { } in code blocks, to { and } ?
Recommend a stable and accurate mathematical formula renderer => markdown-it-latex2img,
Thomas vader
Excuse me? How to automatically execute webpack.config.js with themes written in hexo.
hexo 小程序
Hi, I meet a problem when use hexo -d. It will stop after copying docs to .deploy_git. Can some one help me?
This issue has been fixed in hexo-deployer-git version 3.0.0
👋 I could use some feedback from the core team on this PR.
There is open discussion if a plugin name should be the same as the package name.
hexo new --path go/hello world "hello world" will generate a file called hello world.md in the source/_posts/go/ directory with the title hello world. But what if I omit "hello world "from the command and let the filename generate the title?
hexo new --path go/hello world "hello world” 将会在 source/_posts/go/ 目录下生成 hello world.md文件,并且标题为”hello world”。但是我省略命令中的"hello world”, 让文件名生成标题该如何写呢?
PlayBox Tech
Hi all, rather new to using Hexo. I was curious if I assign tags or categories to posts, can I easily have it linked to others with the same posts? or build a page listing all with the same tag / category? or are they not really used yet?
Yann Duran
yes you can definitely have Hexo display pages based on categories/tags, but you'll have to read the docs as I set mine up some time ago and I don't recall what I had to do off the top of my head
Dimas Lanjaka
hi guys. how to detect current page is post or archive on plugin. after_render:html ?
hi guys. I am useing hexo-theme-doc to my software doc site, but meet some problem, who can't help me?
Hi guys, my theme was working when I uploaded the code to Github, but after I used my custom domain, the website loaded nothing except text from the original texts, Can anyone help me? I desperately need it.
anyone here?
Anyone has an idea why hexo does not generate/render a simple (more-or-less) static index.njk into a index.html (no hexo-generator-index used)?