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    Shaifali Agrawal
    I am using django-celery-beat to create periodic tasks..... problem is whenever I create/update/delete a periodic tasks, I have to restart beat to make the changes work.... else beat runs the task as it is
    I am not sure if I am missing some setting or anything else to make it work wtihout restarting the beat
    I have set beat_scheduler = 'django_celery_beat.schedulers:DatabaseScheduler'
    HI everyone
    Who can help me with configuring celery + django
    hi i'm trying to use celery with airbnb's airflow job scheduler and when airflow sends a message i get a garbled header on the consumer side
    it looks like the keys are escaped somehow
    {'\xe5\xca.\xdb\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00': None, 'P&5\x07\x00': None, 'T\nKB\x00\x00\x00': 'd3b7edf2-ed7a-465b-82e8-441819ad5933', '\xcfb\xddR': 'py', '9*\xa8': None, '\xb7/b\x84\x00\x00\x00': 0, '\xe0\x0b\xfa\x89\x00\x00\x00': None, '\xdfR\xc4x\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00': [None, None], 'T3\x1d ': 'airflow.executors.celery_executor.execute_command', '\xae\xbf': 'd3b7edf2-ed7a-465b-82e8-441819ad5933', '\x11s\x1f\xd8\x00\x00\x00\x00': "['airflow run depends_on_past_dag task1 2017-01-13T00:00:00 --local -sd DAGS_FOLDER/ ']", 'UL\xa1\xfc\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00': '{}'}}
    any ideas?
    Tibo Beijen
    Does anyone know if using separate master and read redis locations as broker url is supported? (multi-node AWS elasticache cluster)
    Ahmed Kotb
    Hello guy, I have some tasks in a project, one of does some NLP processing. when i create 4 workers i assume it takes the same space for memory 4 times, which kills my server
    is there a way to init the object outside of celery and use it as a deamon to call it so that would not happen?
    Kamal Adusumilli
    Hi, I am using celery in one of our projects.
    We are using redis to send our tasks
    After a task is executed, we want to send the results back again as a task on the same redis queue for another celery broker to execute them
    Is this possible?
    Brian A.
    Anyone a solution to the Refusing to deserialize untrusted content of type pickle (application/x-python-serialize) ?
    I'm using using Celery 4.02. All the suggestions Ive seen online haven't helped.
    Suresh Veeragoni
    anyone know the solution to " WARNING/MainProcess] Received and deleted unknown message. Wrong destination?!?"
    when processing a message from celery task queue
    Steve Peak
    Hey friends! How to you rename tasks safely so that queued jobs are executed by the new task name? e.g. app.tasks.old_version.delay(...) => app.tasks.new_version.delay(...) Thanks!
    using celery v. 3.1 what is a good practice for consuming results, then running new tasks?
    is it good to run 40 concurrency on AWS T2.small?
    Aswin Kalarickal
    I want to run tasks in two queues simultaneously with both of them running serially. A task in a queue should run only after the old task was completed.
    Italo Maia
    hey folks
    celery chain returns a AsyncResult
    can I keep track of the whole chain with its id?
    Italo Maia
    Navid Nabavi
    Hi, is there any way to find out how much time does it takes from a task queued until it became consumed or done?
    Navid Nabavi
    @navidnabavi I added headers for creation time. as my server times are sync via ntp so I can trust this durations. I used inheritance to override apply_async and call to hide time calculation. I can share the code if anyone needs it.
    Stephen Estrada
    I just began using celery. I am inheriting from Task. Whenever I run my class Scheduler.apply_async, I get TypeError: Object of type type is not JSON serializable.
    Anyone have any ideas for a workaround?
    class CeleryBase(app.Task):
        abstract = True
        def run(self, *args, **kwargs):
        def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs):
            """In celery task this function call the run method, here you can
            set some environment variable before the run of the task"""
  "Starting Run")
            return super(CeleryBase, self).__call__(*args, **kwargs)
        def after_return(self, status, retval, task_id, args, kwargs, einfo):
            # exit point of the task whatever is the state
  "Ending run")
    class ScheduleHarvest(CeleryBase):
        ignore_result = False
        name = None
        def run(self, x, y):
                if x and y:
                    result = add(x, y)
          'result = %d' % result)
                    return result
                    logger.error('No x or y in arguments.')
            except KeyError:
                return False
    def add(x, y):
        return x + y = ScheduleHarvest
    ScheduleHarvest().apply_async([1, 2])
    Stephen Estrada
    Any thoughts on this engineers? ^
    posted on github too

    Is it possible to set 'max-tasks-per-child' per-worker using the multi syntax? It's throwing an error for me when I do it ala:

    CELERYD_OPTS="-c:webhooks 2 -Q:webhooks webhooks --max-tasks-per-child:webhooks 100

    I have a half dozen workers, some running high-volume tasks and some running longer high-memory tasks so I am hoping to avoid having to set a single value across the board
    Kd Johar
    Using aws elastic cache as a broker. When worker is down and a task is triggered it is moved to failure state and celery signal task_failure is also not triggered. Anyone have any idea ?
    {"status": "FAILURE", "result": {"exc_type": "NotRegistered", "exc_message": "\'tasks.common_tasks.get_pending_task_count_in_queue\'"}, "traceback": null, "children": [], "task_id": "8b637704-a3e0-46b1-b09b-b3fadd032e6a"}'
    Hi team is there any way in django celery beat to schedule the periodic tasks with recurrence. Like every 2 weeks or 3 weeks etc.. I would like to put like monday and tuesday but every 3 weeks once or 2 weeks once etc.. i.e recurrence feature
    Hello everyone. I'm trying to create some kind of pipeline for my application. I have a problem - main target of application is to read video, take every N-th shot of video, and put it in the pipeline. Inside the pipeline there is 5 different tasks, for example:
    1. Crop image
    2. Store image in the array. if array length = IMAGES_NEEDED_FOR_TASK3, launch task 3
    3. Apply some transforms to image, make one big image from IMAGES_NEEDED_FOR_TASK3,.
    4. Stack transformed images in the array. if array length = IMAGES_NEEDED_FOR_TASK5, launch task 5
    5. Write info about income images from task 4 to database
      I struggle with implementations of task 2 and 4, because they have conditions. If they wouldn't have conditions, I would just use chain method. I thought about calling task 3 from task 2 (I thought to create a different queue for every task), but I read that this is considered as bad practice. Thank you in advance

    Hello everyone!
    I'm using celery 4.3.0 with flask. And have an issue - if the broker is down then the task.delay() call blocks forever.

    I tryied to solved it as described here: celery/celery#4296

    But it didn't help.

    Does anybody know how to solve an issue?

    James Campbell
    Has anyone every had a chain or a linked task not execute i.e Task A completes successfully but Task B is never called ?
    Hi is there a way to check if the broker connection is still alive that is not blocking?
    celery_app.connection().ensure_connection(max_retries=1) this would require reconnecting right
    Mohit Chawla
    Hello all, i cant find much resources around celery signals/task-lifecycle! (
    Does anyone here know if task_postrun will be triggered or not if the task fails. ?
    Thanks in advance.
    Hello everyone,
    Has any one used Celery Instrumentation in OpenTelemetry