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Feb 2018
Feb 16 2018 15:05
I'm attempting to set-up a @DataJpaTest that autowires two interfaces that are defined in a static inner class of the class, annotated with @Configuration, that extend JpaRespository and are annotated with @Repository. When I try to run the test I get the following exception:
No qualifying bean of type '$RepositoryTestConfiguration$ParentRepository' available
Feb 16 2018 15:15
Got it working now, ignore that question
Giovanni Lovato
Feb 16 2018 17:35
@sebersole I'm looking at LocaleTypeDescriptor and I wonder: why all that convoluted logic instead of using Locale::forLanguageTag and Locale::toLanguageTag?
Plus, seems like a @Converter(autoApply = true) is not picked up for java.util.Locale: is it because there is already a JavaTypeDescriptor<Locale> for that?