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Harikesh Pallantla
can anyone tell me how to calculate percentage using CriteriaQuery
I have an entity A, mapped to entity B with bidirectional One-To-One association, and in the entity B there is a Set of Enums which I had coupled to B with @ElementCollection
This works for retrieving and inserting into the database, however deletion seems buggy that Hibernate somehow deletes entity A and the Set tables, but doesn't do anything about the B
Is this a bug or am I missing something?
using entity manager, can i write a query that takes two fetches data from tables in separate databases?

Hello there,
not sure if it is the right place to ask, but we found a serious issue with logging of an Exception:

HHH000315: Exception executing batch [java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Batch entry 0 insert into table (colum1, column2, columnn) values ('paylpad1', 'payload2', PERSONAL_INFORMATION)  was aborted: An I/O error occurred while sending to the backend. Call getNextException to see other errors in the batch.], SQL: insert into table (colum1, column2, columnn) values (?, ?, ?)",

This is reported to our logging stack and would be stored for a long period of time. But we are not allowed to store personalInformation in that storage for that time.
So we guessed that, there could be an option to mask columns in Exceptions due sensible information. But we did not found something related to that. The way around would be to change the Logback ConsoleAppender. But is there something alread inside Hibernate to do that?

Logger-Name: logger_name: org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.batch.internal.BatchingBatch and org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.spi.SqlExceptionHelper

Dear @sebersole @DavideD
I am using reactive hibernate (1.0.0.CR7) for my spring webflux project. I am getting the object array data while executing native queries and it is working fine. But I need it as a tuple object. So I passed Tuple.class argument to createNativeQuery method. But it will throw an exception as it cannot cast an object to tuple. I just need the data with column names. So I choose tuple instead of object array. Kindly help.

Sample code:

EntityManagerFactory emf = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory("Persistence");
Mutiny.SessionFactory sessionFactory = emf.unwrap(Mutiny.SessionFactory.class);
Mutiny.Session session = sessionFactory.openSession();
String str = "select c.country_name as country_name, c.phone_code as phone_code
from erp_country c"; // MySql query
Mutiny.Query<Tuple> query = session.createNativeQuery(str, Tuple.class);
List<Tuple> list = query.getResultList().await().indefinitely();
for (Tuple tuple : list) { // here it will throw an exception as object cannot be cast to class javax.persistence.Tuple
System.out.println(tuple.get("country_name") + "-" + tuple.get("phone_code"));

Exception Message:

Ljava.lang.Object; cannot be cast to class javax.persistence.Tuple ([Ljava.lang.Object; is in module java.base of loader 'bootstrap'; javax.persistence.Tuple is in unnamed module of loader 'app')

Davide D'Alto
the second parameter of createNativeQuery or createQuery must be an entity class. You cannot use Tuple.
But you can omit it and Hibernate Reactive will return an array of objects:
Davide D'Alto
Sorry, a list of array of objects
List<Object[]> results = session.createNativeQuery(str).getResultList().await().indefinitely();
for (Object[] tuple : results ) {
    String countryName = tuple[0];
    Object countryCode = tuple[1];
I would also upgrade to Hibernate Reactive 1.0.0.CR8
Steve Ebersole
Please dont ping people randomly, directly for questions. E.g. I have (nor want) zero to do with Reactive

thank you for your response.

I have another project using JPA- hibernate 5.5. There I can pass the second parameter of createNativeQuery as tuple class instead of giving an entity class. So I thought may be there is a chance to use Tuple in reactive hibernate also. If we use tuple class then we can retrieve the data by using alias name in the query string.
Few reference:

Anyway, I will go with object array as you have mentioned.

@sebersole Sorry.
Davide D'Alto
The javadoc is vague about which type actually works and I didn't realize you could pass a Tuple. @nivinps Could you create an issue on GitHub for Hibernate Reactive? https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-reactive/issues
That's also a better place to ask questions about Hibernate Reactive. Here you should ask questions about Hibernate ORM
@nivinps Thanks for the feedback by the way :)
@DavideD Sure. I will create an issue on GitHub. Thank you for your guidance and support :)
Artem Utkin
Hello! Can you please tell me if I need to manually add hibernate-hikaricp dependency if I work with Spring Boot 2 (where HikariCP is included by default)? I searched this question in many sources but not 100% sure that it's not needed.
James Howe
Anyone have any insight here?
How does hibernate determine the type via JDBC?
Steve Ebersole
not exactly sure what "determine the type via JDBC" means in this context. also, as mentioned in the room title, we generally do not monitor this chat. you should really ask such questions on our Zulip chats
i just happened to notice because i came to gitter for another teams chat
James Howe
I mean some code to demonstrate a difference using the JDBC API without Hibernate.
I'll head over there.
Well that's a confusing chat app :(
Steve Ebersole
if you say so
i guess it takes a little getting used to, but the topics are very helpful
Marc Magon
Hey All,
Anyone found the bytebuddy update after 1.11.13 fails for the hibernate-enhancer? SuffixNameResolver no longer exists as a class in the library?
Hello, is it possible in hmb.xml to subselect dynamically OR select class dynamically OR load some A.hbm.xml or B.hbm.xml during runtime based on some param? I would like to execute different views which return same data, but differently during runtime
yes it's possible, you create a function which returns table then do if and inside if else put returns query select * ...
org.springframework.transaction.IllegalTransactionStateException: Pre-bound JDBC Connection found! HibernateTransactionManager does not support running within DataSourceTransactionManager if told to manage the DataSource itself. It is recommended to use a single HibernateTransactionManager for all transactions on a single DataSource, no matter whether Hibernate or JDBC access.
migrating from hibernate 3.x to 5.x
any clue to fix this
Steve Ebersole
Not sure how many more times to tell you @DoraRajappan but, as per subject on this very chat, we have moved to Zulip for chats
I'll leave it at that this time
But I will say that HibernateTransactionManager is a Spring class, not a Hibernate class. Not sure why people routinely come ask us about issues using Hibernate via Spring
Dmitrii Bocharov
Hello everyone! Dear hibernate team, may i ask you please to take a look at https://hibernate.atlassian.net/browse/HHH-15098. The problem is with basic functionality (orphan removal on merge). In the comments, I have provided a test right in the source code of hibernate-orm. Also there are links to stackoverflow discussions in the description. Thanks in advance
Al Grant
Hi guys
Omid Dehghan
Hey everyone :)
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P.S: I know the request is not specifically relative to the community, but I thought it might be a public interest.
Thank you
I have @Transactional in repositoryImpl class method. But transactionInterceptor is intiated before call comes to repositoryImplClass ie after it hits the service class method not having @Transactional after spring 5.2 upgrade
Hello. I am on Spring Boot 2.6.7 which includes Hibernate 5.6.8. I have jakarta.xml.bind-api:jar:4.0.0 on class path. The app starts usually. When I try to run an @SpringBootTest with H2, I get ClassNotFoundException: javax.xml.bind.JAXBException. Considering that Hibernate 5.5. supports Jakarta, I would have thought, that it's looking for jakarta.xml.bind.JAXBException. Not javax. What's going on here?
Steve Ebersole
So @Holothuroid #1, yet again, this is not the place to come for Hibernate support. It is mentioned in the room subject and pretty much every discussion iuf you scroll up. Personally I don't care, you just got lucky that I happened to see this - if you want consistent timely help, use the forum or Zulip. #2, are you using the jakarta variants of those artifacts? javax is still the primary target for versions inclusing 5.6; we switched to jakartaprimarily starting in 6.0. So for 5.5, you'd need to be sure to use the jakarta variant (hibernate-core-jakarta e.g.)
Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.hibernate.type.descriptor.converter.AttributeConverterTypeAdapter cannot be cast to org.hibernate.type.VersionType