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Mar 2014
Chris Mitchell
Mar 20 2014 13:45
Are there any demo scripts I can run to test out my script dialog?
Also, instructions how to run said scripts would be nice :)
Chris Mitchell
Mar 20 2014 14:15
Also, is there any existing setup to run without any of the avatar/etc stuff? Basically don't render the screen, just have the menu/etc available for testing
Dimitar Dobrev
Mar 20 2014 14:16
@Chris7 I don't think so but I've done it a few times by commenting code out.
Chris Mitchell
Mar 20 2014 14:16
answere: yes
return; in openGL() :)
void Application::paintGL() {
works just fine
thanks @ddobrev too
Philip Rosedale
Mar 20 2014 15:40
Tony Hagale
Mar 20 2014 15:43
Grayson Stebbins
Mar 20 2014 15:50
mornin y'all
Clément Brisset
Mar 20 2014 21:01
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