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Mar 2014
Brad Hefta-Gaub
Mar 30 2014 00:05
@binaryking - I wonder if there's a way for you to capture the OpenGL frame/then do a image based squeeze resize while you slide out your dialog box. This would happen so fast that it wouldn't look that different, but might allow you to eliminate the flicker. I think @problem - is saying it would be too "disruptive" if you just didn't render anything… but if you could render the last frame as you transition, I bet it would be ok.
Mohammed Nafees
Mar 30 2014 06:36
@ZappoMan @problem @stojce @ddobrev found an old gem ;) this library (thanks KDE!) very efficiently supports QWidgets over QGLWidget :)
so, now we can easily render a QWidget(running scripts widget in my case) over the GLCanvas object
Mohammed Nafees
Mar 30 2014 07:45
Mohammed Nafees
Mar 30 2014 11:12
sigh this seems to be very tedious :worried:
Mohammed Nafees
Mar 30 2014 13:08
@ZappoMan @problem I have tried to minise the flicker and as @ZappoMan suggested, used the last frame to be displayed while the widget is shown -
Dimitar Dobrev
Mar 30 2014 21:18
@binaryking I am sorry to disappoint you but I had already come across this lib. It won't work because it is just a convenient wrapper over the standard QGraphicsScene::addWidget approach which fails because of
Thijs Wenker
Mar 30 2014 22:47
running domainserver on :)
feel free to test how it connects from the us
its a centos machine