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Apr 2014
Apr 11 2014 00:50
@bbhart thank you for your interest, not much to share, interface stops working after about 3 seconds, begins to load and just stops with no specific error (a problem has stopped interface.exe from working), cmake cant find anything unless I put root_lib_dir in path so HIFI_LIB_DIR doesnt seem to be working for me. zlib 1.2.3 installer leaves empty lib and include folders and zlib 1.2.8 doesnt seem to have an installer and doesnt have the line mentioned in the "#if HAVE_UNISTD_H at line 287 " and to make it harder I am in Australia so timezone pain ensues.
Apr 11 2014 03:06
hi. I fooled around with vworlds since 1991 both for muds and early graphics vworlds. in oct 2007 I registered for second life but I am still an EQ (Everquest) groupie for 15 yrs now including EQEmu. EQ has a close beta Landmark with voxels and I have bits of voxels code but nothing serious. I would rather be in HiFi with meshes and voxels though since its a client-server such as realXtend and not like opensimulator which uses 3rd party clients based on second life client. I will try a build for windows 7 if I get the nerve to do it. anyway, hi
Tony Hagale
Apr 11 2014 03:07
@bristle2008 howdy!
Philip Rosedale
Apr 11 2014 15:49
@bristle2008 Hi there, welcome.