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Apr 2014
Apr 28 2014 08:44
@SydoxX windows right?
Apr 28 2014 09:35
@Lhasamencur Yep
Thijs Wenker
Apr 28 2014 12:32
Getting one every second @SydoxX @Lhasamencur
Apr 28 2014 13:14
Good, so I am not the only one. Gonna check it later.
Andrew Meadows
Apr 28 2014 15:15
@thoys I think @birarda recently added some features that allowed scripted bots to detect other avatars. Dunno yet if there is an example script for that. I'll try to figure how it works later today.
As I recall... a week or two ago someone was asking for instructions on setting up a linux dev machine for building the hifi codebase...
this weekend I found time to try to do this on a fresh machine. I didn't actually complete the work before it was time for bed, but did make some progress.
I put up my notes here:
When I get it working completely I'll clean up the instructions and put them on a wiki page.
My notes record my work as I discover new dependencies. A final instruction page would list list all of the pre-requisite packages that need to be installed such that the hifi configure + build step Just Works (TM).
Thijs Wenker
Apr 28 2014 16:13
@AndrewMeadows QXMPP is only needed if you want to run interface on linux