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May 2014
Barry Quigley
May 13 2014 08:33
Cheers @Atlante45, just to confirm - the Asus Xtion Pro Live is supported on OSX, the PrimeSense Carmine 1.09 is no longer available.
May 13 2014 09:17
few times on exiting win 550 the black thingy window thing doesn't close
i dont have a tree let alone a voxel one :)
Clément Brisset
May 13 2014 17:35
@Bazm0 yep, not since Apple bought primesense, but you still can find some used ones online I think. But yeah, the Xtion Pro will work fine too, I think another alpha user is actually using it.
Leonardo Murillo
May 13 2014 17:35
anybody here happen to have OpenNI and primesense drivers for windows? is down and can’t seem to find them anywhere
Nandita D
May 13 2014 18:35
Mika Impola
May 13 2014 19:22
Leonardo Murillo
May 13 2014 23:04
awesome! thnx @polac