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Jun 2014
Jun 24 2014 15:04
@thoys What is an assignment client, actually? :)
Felipe Mattos
Jun 24 2014 15:22
hi guys!
Andrew Meadows
Jun 24 2014 17:23
An assignment client is a single executable that knows how to wear multiple hats: domain-server, audio-mixer, voxel-server, avatar-mixer, just run some javascript, etc.
I don't have a list of all the hats, but most of the servers in the stack are just assignment-clients that have had their roles assigned.
The idea is that you start up a big stack of unassigned assignment-clients (ACs) and one domain-server (sorry I mispoke above: domain-server is not one of the hats).
the domain-server doles out the assignments one at a time, pulling AC's off the top of the stack until all roles are fulfilled.
a new role might show up and would be given to the next AC
Andrew Meadows
Jun 24 2014 17:29
some of the AC roles are like 3D databases: voxel-server, particle-server, model-server. They have state but do no (or little) simulation. Other processes send them messages: create, delete, move. These AC roles have names of the form: foo-server.
other AC roles are mixers: avatar-mixer, audio-mixer. They accept streams that constantly update what little state they have and they re-broadcast that state to subscribing clients.
Jun 24 2014 20:37
anybody else getting this error while trying to build on linux (centos)?: [ 37%] Building CXX object libraries/metavoxels/CMakeFiles/metavoxels.dir/src/Bitstream.cpp.o
c++: Internal error: Killed (program cc1plus)
Please submit a full bug report.
See for instructions.
make[2]: [libraries/metavoxels/CMakeFiles/metavoxels.dir/src/Bitstream.cpp.o] Error 1
[libraries/metavoxels/CMakeFiles/metavoxels.dir/all] Error 2
make: * [all] Error 2
nvm, was because the vps ran out of memory it seems. After i killed the assignment clients that hogged the memory the build manages to get past this point
Jun 24 2014 23:21
@FearghusMcMahon Apart from the ICE / out of memory, building on centos is a craft by itself. It's without doubt the hardest linux OS to compile this kind of stuff on. If you run into other problems please let me know, I'd be interested to compare them with the problems I had on debian.