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Jul 2014
Jul 15 2014 11:51
Hi! Can anyone create an alpha account for me? I finally managed to build the client, but now it's asking me for a login. Looking to check out the status of the project and maybe contribute..
Thijs Wenker
Jul 15 2014 13:03
@cozza13 ^^
Jul 15 2014 13:52
I uploaded a picture here:
I suppose nobody knows from the top of their head what is the best way to find point 'I' (capital i) in the graph in the bottom-right corner?
O, D and I are in the blue plane (the rayPlane) which is parallel to the green line (axis). The blue dotted line is parallel to the green axis and 'I' is on it.
I know the distance between axis and rayPlane (N is a unit vector in that direction: its both perpendicular to axis as well as rayPlane). 'A' is a unit vector along axis, O is a point in the rayPlane whose relative position to S is known. D is a unit vector pointing from O to 'I'. Asked is to express a vector from S to 'I'.
Jul 15 2014 14:05
Let S be the origin of all vectors. Let R be a vector to a point on the ray, then (R - O) X D = 0.
Let P be the point directly above S in the rayPlane, thus P = d N, where d is already known.
Let B be a vector to a point on the dotted line, then (B - P) X A = 0.
Then I is the point that satisfies both: (I - O) X D = (I - P) X A = 0.
Hmm, I wonder if I can ask Wolfram Alpha to solve that for me - heheh.
Mohammed Nafees
Jul 15 2014 14:57
I try to download the MD5 hash from here - - using Qt Network classes and I get "??9" as the reply output and if you look at the complete MD5 hash, 9 is the first character. Using the same code when I try to download - - I get the correct reply output. Note that in the first case the MD5 is for Windows and in the second instance it is for Mac. What might be the problem? is there some problem with the ".md5" file on the server?
Also, the Linux version of the MD5 hash is also retrieved correctly through my code.
Jul 15 2014 15:51
we really need the @ thing that pops up offering to pick a name here , back in hf
Chris Collins
Jul 15 2014 17:49
@daemeh send me an email and I can help you out. chris at
Jul 15 2014 18:10
Yes! I think I have it :) ... much more beautiful than anything I could find on the net :P
Jul 15 2014 18:41
Still have to put into formulas, not to mention code - but I added a new picture to with the rough description of my idea ;).