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Jul 2014
Anthony Elliott
Jul 29 2014 00:11
thx @bubble8773
Nandita D
Jul 29 2014 00:14
he'll send you an invite
Stephen Birarda
Jul 29 2014 01:03
hey @dorbie you around?
Jul 29 2014 02:38
I'm here thanks
Sorry if I missed you, I popped out for dinner.
Jul 29 2014 02:55
@birarda my problem was described above.
Jul 29 2014 16:07
@dorbie did your questions get answered?
Stephen Birarda
Jul 29 2014 16:45
her @dorbie - am around today if you need any other help
David Rowe
Jul 29 2014 21:03
@cozza13 ... I see that models on S3 use jpg, png, tif, and bmp texture files ... The avatar model uploader converts tif and bmp files to png ... Do you want the "world" model uploader to also convert tif and bmp to png?
@cozza13 ... Also, images with a dimension greater than 1024 are scaled down to so that it's 1024 ... Should the "world" model uploader also do this?