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Aug 2014
Aug 08 2014 03:13 UTC
@ctrlaltdavid may behaving the same problem,its not obvious if an ava saved over itself has updated in the interface
Bogus curry
Aug 08 2014 16:37 UTC
Hi all ;D
Thijs Wenker
Aug 08 2014 18:29 UTC
Hi @BogusCurry
Does anyone know what Linux requires to get the standard audio devices? (Ubuntu)
David Rowe
Aug 08 2014 22:46 UTC
@Atlante45 , @murillodigital When a user is uploading a model, how does the API decide whether it's an FST + FBX model being uploaded or just a plain FBX (with temporary FST file containing mappings)?
And in the latter case, store just the FBX and discard the FST.
Clément Brisset
Aug 08 2014 22:54 UTC
I don’t think that you can upload just have just an fbx.
@ctrlaltdavid All the stand alone fbx on S3 have been put there manually I’m pretty sure.
David Rowe
Aug 08 2014 23:08 UTC
@Atlante45 Ah yes, I think you're right!
Clément Brisset
Aug 08 2014 23:24 UTC
All those will have to be reuploaded correctly at some point anyway.