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Aug 2014
Aug 30 2014 04:14
Is there a machine readable version of the javascript api somewhere?
preferably in json or xml
Thijs Wenker
Aug 30 2014 10:17
@JeroMiya . I dont think so. But theres q script
*a script to see all functions. You could modify that maybe to json
Aug 30 2014 14:09
it has to be on the C++ side. By the time it gets to the script all the type information is removed.
Aug 30 2014 20:36

Hi! Is it possible to import my own custom made 3D content right in my own or other servers?

EDIT: I`d just like to know if I can start to build my own virtual city.

Ryan Huffman
Aug 30 2014 22:12
@Bloodwork You should be able to upload and use 3D content using the buttons on the right hand side of the screen
(assuming you have defaultScripts.js running)