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Sep 2014
Sep 05 2014 07:29
TypeScript type declarations for the JavaScript API are going ok. The one hangup was differences between standard browser/node environment and QtScript's environment (print() vs print('message') for example). I had to use --nolib in the compiler and reference a locally modified version of lib.d.ts. If I get the QtScript lib declaration working I'll contribute it here: borisyankov/DefinitelyTyped#2781
As a test I've been converting all the samples. I'm about halfway through
Sep 05 2014 07:39
Here is the stacktrace from the crash:
Andrew Meadows
Sep 05 2014 16:23
Ah yes, the "audio device crash". Sometimes I crash on linux when trying to load an audio device, but usually it only happens when I've adde/removed the wireless USB headphones and then it typically doesn't crash a second time after I poke around the pulseaudio settings.
Sounds like it is pretty reliable for you @JeroMiya.
Unfortunately I don't know of a fix right now. There may be a workaround: removing some of your extra audio devices (if possible) and try again.
Chris Collins
Sep 05 2014 17:46
@JeroMiya alpha invite sent
Sep 05 2014 18:40
yay windows domains working again thanks 2 who ever fixed it :)