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Sep 2014
Philip Rosedale
Sep 23 2014 05:48
@thoys It was fascinating - lots to think about. More useful for high level strategy than anything, given that there weren't really any specific announcements beyond the intention to add 3D spatial audio to the SDK. The demo of the new headset was quite remarkable, even compared to the DK2, says the guys who got it.
Sep 23 2014 16:55
what’s the plan for the mobile apps?
Thijs Wenker
Sep 23 2014 17:40
Cool, yeh I saw the keynotes, the headset integration sounds cool, also I saw the new USB standart will allow VGA. Might be a cool option for oculus.
Darren Schack
Sep 23 2014 18:13
Hi all! Just built the client, but don't have a username/password to log in. Would love to check it out, especially with my Rift. What's the process for getting access to the server?
Philip Rosedale
Sep 23 2014 20:06
@Schackasawa You running DK1 or DK2? We work with both - just curious.
@thoys VGA? What do you mean?
Darren Schack
Sep 23 2014 20:13
Hi Philip, how have you been? I've got the DK1, and been playing around with the Razer Hydra as well. Sounds like you guys have got at least some support in there for both.
Clément Brisset
Sep 23 2014 20:32
Hi @Schackasawa
For the login, send me your email in private, I’ll send you an invite.
Darren Schack
Sep 23 2014 20:43
Thanks @Atlante45 , will do that shortly!