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Oct 2014
David Rowe
Oct 03 2014 16:59
So, in VR display mode I want to put up a message box in the middle of the twin displayed images, "Hold still to calibrate". And make it go away after a few seconds (i.e., no user interaction with the message box).
But it needs to be in the middle of the actual display that the users sees; not the middle of the VR HUD display which may be offset because the Rift hasn't been calibrated (sensors reset) yet.
Any suggestions on the approach to take?
Philip Rosedale
Oct 03 2014 17:29
@ctrlaltdavid That's a great point! I would think... that we should always have the ability to create a 3D message box (meaning appearing at a distance from the user, etc) that is either in avatar or head-relative position... so that yes in this case you could choose the right one.
Brad Hefta-Gaub
Oct 03 2014 17:48
@ctrlaltdavid & @PhilipRosedale - There is a 3D Planar style overlay called a “billboard” - it allows you to place a 2D image into the 3D space (world coordinates) and set it’s position, rotation, scale/size… this would likely provide you with what you need
if you use that overlay object, you place it in world coordinates, and the system will automatically place it in the right place for Oculus/3D TV mode split eyes/sides rendering.
I have considered adding a similar “text” object with the same functionality… but have yet to have a direct use for that… although I may be wanting it soon in some of the new edit tools work I am doing… so that object may be coming soon too.
David Rowe
Oct 03 2014 18:23
@PhilipRosedale , @ZappoMan Thanks very much for the ideas. I was starting to look at just drawing text direct on the display (offset a bit for each eye so that it displays at depth) ... much like Oculus's health & safety warning, even though it goes against Oculus's guidelines for not displaying something camera-locked! ... I'll try out the billboard.
David Rowe
Oct 03 2014 22:45
@ZappoMan Should I be able to use overlays such as the 3d billboard directly in C++, or do I need to use them via a script engine? Thanks!