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Oct 2014
David Rowe
Oct 13 2014 16:57
@DaveDubUK There are a few threads on the Oculus forums about camera issues, e.g.,
Thijs Wenker
Oct 13 2014 16:58
He fixed it already :)
David Rowe
Oct 13 2014 17:49
@murillodigital What version of Oculus SDK is Interface currently built with?
Oct 13 2014 18:37
@ctrlaltdavid - thanks for that, but as Thoys says, have fixed that issue already. Am now looking for ways to ensure 75fps (without making the Oculus my main display and without using extended desktop mode). The other issue is colour bleeding, but I've not looked into that yet...
Oct 13 2014 18:44
Just watching the vid of chris in the rift at the meeting, and the thought occurred it might be nice if the chat could scroll past like a ticker tape..
David Rowe
Oct 13 2014 20:04
@DaveDubUK It is possible to run the DK2 at 75Hz in extended mode, at least in some circumstances. Easiest is if your main display is a 120Hz monitor, set it to run at 120Hz and the Rift to run at 75Hz and it should work.
Also, I'm told that if you have an NVIDIA graphics card, adding an entry for the viewer in the NVIDIA Control Panel 3D Settings and setting the preferred refresh rate to unlimited may let your Rift run at 75Hz without needing to make it your primary monitor.
HiFi Interface is currently limited to 60Hz, though ... there's a Worklist item to raise this limit.
David Rowe
Oct 13 2014 20:11
@DaveDubUK The colour bleeding you're seeing is probably over-enthusiastic chroma-correction of the Oculus SDK 0.4.1. Interface is built with 0.4.1 as far as I can tell; I'll be adding a Worklist suggestion to update to 0.4.2 shortly.
Stephen Birarda
Oct 13 2014 22:17
@ctrlaltdavid just asked leo to go ahead and update that
didn’t realize some of that abberation is fixed by 0.4.2
David Rowe
Oct 13 2014 22:39
@birarda Thanks! I've tested building Windows using SDK 0.4.2 and no changes to source code are needed; it should be just a matter of updating the build machine.