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Oct 2014
Oct 14 2014 17:08
@ctrlaltdavid - thank you very much for good advice, all up and running nicely now. I managed to get the nVidia panel to fix the Rift's refresh rate @ 75Hz even though it's the secondary display. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but does Interface support extended mode only, or can it run in direct mode also?
Oct 14 2014 17:26
hey, so I’m using the stack manager - I created a new domain using my home IP, how come it says “Not Connected"
I registered with the metaverse (i think)
David Rowe
Oct 14 2014 18:15
@DaveDubUK Interface currently only works in extended mode. This because it uses OpenGL and Oculus's drivers don't yet support direct mode for OpenGL. ... Though from the Oculus forums it seems some people may have had some success running OpenGL direct mode if building 64-bit with SDK 0.4.2.
@DaveDubUK btw, the SDK version that Interface is built with is now reported in the program log ... will hopefully be updated to 0.4.2 soon.
Grayson Stebbins
Oct 14 2014 22:26
Does anyone have a good ‘build a house’ script?
Oct 14 2014 23:30
Hello. I'm testing a new cloud service and I would like to see if High Fidelity can work on it. Is there a tuto to install the server part on Ubuntu ?