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Oct 2014
Oct 17 2014 01:28
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Oct 17 2014 07:11
@ctrlaltdavid - Your problem with the twisted fingers on the Leap is most likely due to incorrect and / or inconsistent joint orientations, an issue @ozan and I are currently looking at with animation in general. We have a very loose plan for an automatic joint orientation correction / compensation script as a future project. I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts / collaborate on this issue, as it's a real showstopper for animation of non-specific rigs in general. If I can be any help just let me know.
David Rowe
Oct 17 2014 16:15
@DaveDubUK Yes, exactly. @AndrewMeadows is the guy to talk with as he's evidently doing a lot of work on avatars right now. @cozza13 suggested he be the "point" on the skeleton joint frame issue. It would be great if the solution was implemented in Interface rather than having to worry about it in each script. CC @ozan
Oct 17 2014 17:04
@ctrlaltdavid, @AndrewMeadows - that sounds great - if the orientations were fixed on the joints we have access to in JS it would make animating much cleaner and easier. Can we confirm the plan would be to automatically fix joint orientations for all joints, not just the fingers?
Andrew Meadows
Oct 17 2014 23:01
I know there are some problems figuring out the joint rotations and I have a pretty good idea of what all of the various joint rotation variables are or mean inside the JointState and FBXJoint C++ classes, but... could you spell out for me what exactly what you'd like to be able to do via JS? Send me an email or propose a worklist item with some example code and/or some explanations of how you'd like it to work.
Basically, I'd prefer to NOT have to design the JS API. I'd rather write C++ code to spec. I wouldn't be afraid to alter the spec if technically necessary but would like a strawman to start with.
David Rowe
Oct 17 2014 23:58
@AndrewMeadows , @DaveDubUK Cool! Basically, make it so that JavaScript can assume skeleton "zero" position is A pose with arms straight down with fingers straight and together, and can assume a standard coordinate system for specifying relative joint rotations. I'll have a look at what if any JavaScript API changes might be needed next week.