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Oct 2014
David Rowe
Oct 20 2014 17:24
@DavdDubUK Re joint rotation order, the joint rotation in setJointData() is just a quaternion so there is no axis order; the order comes into play when creating the quaternion, e.g., using Quat.fromPitchYawRollDegrees().
@AndrewMeadows, @DaveDubUK I don't think the current JavaScript API needs any changes for making skeleton control consistent across different avatar model coordinate systems: we can set, get, and clear relative joint rotations prior to IK with setJointData() etc.; we can set a joint's position and orientation prior to IK with setJointModelPositionAndOrientation(); we can get a joint's rotation after IK with getJointCombinedRotation() etc. "All" we need is for the avatar model's coordinate system to be consistent from JavaScript's point of view, independent of the coordinate system used in the actual FBX model. Can this be done?
(The API names could be improved, e.g. setJointRotation() instead of setJointData() but that's quite a separate task.)