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Oct 2014
Oct 28 2014 13:11
Hoping to get info about why I cannot get interface to work. For instance: What is interface doing? I assume it is trying to connect to a server based on the indication it is not connected. What is a cause and what is an effect here? Does it fail to connect because it is not logged in or does it fail to log in because it is not connected? How does interface know the address of the server? What server is that? Is that something I have to set up here? Where in the code does the ip for the connection get handled? Where in the code is the actual connect mechanism? Are these types of things documented somewhere?
Oct 28 2014 13:18
Continuation: Is there visible configuration somewhere, e.g., config files? Are there log files that might shed some light on what is going on?
Grayson Stebbins
Oct 28 2014 20:37
hey @morrisford, are you building from source? are you in the alpha program?
i can’t help you with any of your technical questions but i might be able to stear you in the right direction, email if you need an Alpha invite.
Andrew Meadows
Oct 28 2014 21:01
@morrisford, it used to be that the interface would connect to some default server without needing to login, however i think these days it first pops up the login bar up above and doesn't try to login to a default server.
however, you don't need to login to connect to a server that does not require authentication
so what you do is: close the login bar (there should be a little X button in upper right)
then hit "enter" which will open the "location bar"
into the naviation editor type: and hit "enter" again
you should be able to login there without an account
if you hit the % key you should get some text at the top of your screen with some stats. Of particular interest would the "Servers:" field in upper left -- should be something like 4, 5, or 6.
Andrew Meadows
Oct 28 2014 21:06
There are a variety of servers that constitute a "domain": 1 domain-server, 1 audio-mixer, 1 voxel-server, 1 entity-server, and 1 avatar-mixer... so 5 servers for one basic domain (in this case the domain is called
Hrm... when I connect to sandbox without auth I see only 4 servers..., and there appear to be stats for voxels, audio, and avatar, so maybe the entity-server is missing (the domain-server is a requirement for connecting to the others so I assume that it is one of the four).
Andrew Meadows
Oct 28 2014 21:13
@morrisford, what operating system are you using? If you're on linux or MacOS then the config file can be found here: ~/.config/High\ Fidelity/Interface.ini
If you're on Windows then I don't know where it is.
But it's called Interface.ini so you can just search for it.
The location of the config file is determined by the Qt system that provides an OS-agnostic API for the application layer. Presumably Qt puts the config file according to OS-specific guidlines.