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Dec 2014
Joe Large [Omega Heron]
Dec 04 2014 18:29
@cozza13 Thanks for the tip to try metavoxels again! It's generating a nice smooth terrain with a 512x512 map spread of full 16KM base. Great work :)
Chris Collins
Dec 04 2014 19:19
@OmegaHeron that is fantastic
Philip Rosedale
Dec 04 2014 19:46
@OmegaHeron GREAT that it is working for you. Your domain is spectacular I keep taking people there for demos.
I've asked one of our guys to look at how to make the rendering go faster... we can do it.
also imagine how amazing your forest would look with a scripted process that does full renderman style lighting for those tree branches! Something we are working on.
Joe Large [Omega Heron]
Dec 04 2014 21:04
Thanks @PhilipRosedale and @cozza13 - I'm working on converting the mesh terrain to metavoxel on my closed domain then will migrate to Heron. Also cutting the polygon count on trees - they're insanely bloated and can do much better. I was lazy and simply created procedural trees in Blender with no care to poly count. That it works at all is an encouraging sign.
Mircea Kitsune
Dec 04 2014 21:36
@OmegaHeron How do I access your domain and see it? I'd like to.
Joe Large [Omega Heron]
Dec 04 2014 21:54
@MirceaKitsune use location hoo from address bar - that's landing zone. It's currently mesh terrain, will move the metavoxel terrain in once I'm happy with how it looks.