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Dec 2014
Joe Large [Omega Heron]
Dec 05 2014 01:32
@cozza13 Any thoughts about a stitching/blending tool for metavoxels? Would be nice, if feasible, for importing segmented maps where you have some oddities at edge joins.
Mircea Kitsune
Dec 05 2014 15:25
Hey. I was still curious: Are the blocky voxels (editable when you click the cube icon at the center-left side of the screen) and metavoxels (editable via the "metavoxel editor") part of the same system? As in, are they stored the same way, and can they be part of the same object? Or are they two different implementations of different things? I'm a bit confused by the fact that there are two different editors, and I'm hoping the in-world building system won't be segregated between different implementations which can do the same thing.
Mircea Kitsune
Dec 05 2014 15:41
Hmmm... Metavoxels and Voxels seem to be two different things indeed. But I wonder how much, and why they don't use the same editor for consistency.