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Dec 2014
Juan Andrés
Dec 28 2014 02:19
I'm on Mac OS X 10.10. I attempted many things already and every time I did cleaned the build directory. I don't quite understand CMake, otherwise I guess it would be easy to notice the error. I've read the related CMakeFiles.txt and the error log from the build but couldn't figure it out.
I'm running the following to compile:
cmake .. -DQT_CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/local/Cellar/qt5/5.4.0/lib/cmake -DQT_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/Cellar/qt5/5.4.0 -DGLM_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/Cellar/glm/ -DOPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.1j_1/ -DTBB_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/Cellar/tbb/4.3-20141023/
David Rowe
Dec 28 2014 20:01
@juandiana Unfortunately I don't know about building for Mac OSX. Note, though, that the build instructions you'll find in the .MD files in the source root are probably more up to date than the build instructions in the online documentation (
Juan Andrés
Dec 28 2014 22:46
@ctrlaltdavid yea, I noticed that when CMake complained about TBB missing. It's on the github build.MD but not on the docs website which I was following previously.