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Jan 2015
David Rowe
Jan 05 2015 17:34
Am I correct in thinking that official HF builds are now performed using VS2013 and HF no longer builds with VS2010?
Leonardo Murillo
Jan 05 2015 17:35
@ctrlaltdavid correct on the former, not quite sure on the latter, but given the addition of c++11 constructs it’s very likely it doesnt build on 2010 already, and if not, it will not build sooner than later
David Rowe
Jan 05 2015 17:38
Ah, OK ... Looks like it doesn't build on VS2010 now because of "#include <chrono>" in scribe's main.cpp
Time to update my main build environment then!
Joe Large [Omega Heron]
Jan 05 2015 23:43
@PhilipRosedale - I've had no repeat of the networking issues since changes made on 2nd. Looks good - packet stats match the specs you gave for PPS and a few other odd stutters have disappeared as well.