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Jan 2015
Thijs Wenker
Jan 08 2015 16:01
I found out why I had this huge memory consumption of interface.exe
Windows related: , the following registry path "KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options" contained a key named "interface.exe". This declares why alllll of the builds had this issue
@Atlante45 ^ , renaming that key solved my memory issue
David Rowe
Jan 08 2015 17:20
@thoys I checked my Windows registry and do not have such an entry. (And I had no memory consumption issues.)
Thijs Wenker
Jan 08 2015 17:31
Very good :)
800MB > 100MB makes quite a difference
i think it happend since TBB got added, might be not compatible with those options
If anyone is interested, this is the registry export of key that gave me problems ^
Clément Brisset
Jan 08 2015 18:01
Nice, checked it out and it looks like you can use that key to have the debugger running in the background.
My guess is it would do some memory tracking or something like that.
Thijs Wenker
Jan 08 2015 18:04
I think I had that key in for a long time, but it broke since the C++x11 migrations. It might still work with different parameters, but every action that you do in interface.exe gives it more memory, like contineously opening and closing the same form.