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Feb 2015
Andrew Meadows
Feb 24 2015 00:03
that is what I would expect (however I haven't looked at the face animation coefficient system in any detail)
Clément Brisset
Feb 24 2015 00:07
@ctrlaltdavid This is what the definition of a blendshape is AFAIK since it is an interpolation. But the math still kinda works if you don’t get too far. I have noticed that dde goes between -0.2 and 1.0 if this is why you were asking.
David Rowe
Feb 24 2015 00:09
Yes, that is why I'm asking : ) ... At least one DDE coefficient goes up to 1.5.
Andrew Meadows
Feb 24 2015 00:17
I would expect animation coefficients > 1.0 to work ok... but they might cause non-realistic looking faces (might wander into uncanny valley)
Clément Brisset
Feb 24 2015 00:18
Yes, it will exagerate the facial expression.
Bradley Austin Davis
Feb 24 2015 20:17
heh... Unreal 4.7 just announced that as a feature (animation coefficients < 0.0 or > 1.0)