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Mar 2015
David Rowe
Mar 09 2015 16:33
Windows 2056 is the latest download available from but at start up it keeps saying, "You are currently running build 2056, the latest build is ." (with no build number for the latest).
Thijs Wenker
Mar 09 2015 17:37
Same for me
probably the checkup url changed
Mar 09 2015 18:30
I guess it is connected with the --> change
Mar 09 2015 23:07
Hello. I'm trying to build High Fidelity on a Debian wheezy server, and it fails with this errors : . Any idea ?
Jason Hawks
Mar 09 2015 23:12
@LaurentBechir I forget, since I think I have seen your name before, you got access to the forums?
Mar 09 2015 23:13
yes. I've already used Hifi, but it was at least last year :)
Mar 09 2015 23:21
I have all these dependencies, and it still fails. But I don't think it's related to bad dependencies. From a search on Google, I see "non-static data member initializers" are implemented in gcc from version 4.7, and I only have version 4.6.3. Any developer here to confirm ?
Mar 09 2015 23:29
does anyone know more about open source VR
this was tried several times in the past but we can even get a 3D format in place.
"New OSVR Supporters include: 3DRudder, Cyberith, Impulsonic, Jaunt, Lucidscape, Pixel Titans, SoftKinectic, Sonic VR, Tactical Haptics, Tammeka Games, VisiSonics, VR Bits, and VR Union." is this another VR venture that goes nowhere?
Mar 09 2015 23:35
can't == can