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Mar 2015
Reggie Chen
Mar 25 2015 17:59
@nbq I am able to just put the svo file to resource directory, re-run the script , and it shows on interface client. The svo file wasn't there maybe because it runs a broken wget url during the installation?
Reggie Chen
Mar 25 2015 18:10
Can anyone tell me why my place is not listed in the directory? I bought the name 'magnetar' yesterday, and can navigate from interface client with hifi://magnetar, I've upload an image, and the server doesn't put any access restriction.
Joe Large [Omega Heron]
Mar 25 2015 18:12
@lazydino Some time back it was said, for them to show required a manual intervention from HiFi staff - whether that's true or not now I don't know.
If you're in world ask Cozza or Chris about it (same person).
Reggie Chen
Mar 25 2015 18:16
@OmegaHeron Thanks, will try to reach Chris and ask him.