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Apr 2015
Andrew Meadows
Apr 08 2015 15:40
I believe the only way such a feature could work without glitches would be to support camera-attached-to-entity in the C++
that is, the JS script would specify how the camera would follow and the C++ would execute it every frame
I think maybe @samcake was going to make a pass on camera motion. I'll ask him about it later today so find out if it is true.
Apr 08 2015 18:47
Quick question, I can't find confirmation or denial of this, but is the only to run Hi Fi on linux is to compile it yourself?
I just realized this is much more of a developer chat than I thought, pardon me and thanks for making this great idea.
Joe Large [Omega Heron]
Apr 08 2015 19:10
@Norrolith - for linux, yes - the only way is to self compile, at least at this time.
Apr 08 2015 20:59
I'm a noob that wants to help but can't get interface to run. Anybody got a second to help? Server might be down I guess. I will try later. I get stack manager to run just not interface. I'm on Win 7.1 on an old pc. AMD Athlon 64 X2 DUAL COre 5200+ 2.6GHz w/ 2 Gigs ram. Interface worked for like a second. Honestly not sure where to proceed once I get in but I'll figure it out. I disabled all my antivirus stuff and run as administrator. Still nothing. Thinks for a second then no app launch.
Jason Hawks
Apr 08 2015 21:00
What graphics card do you have?
there has been a lot of discussion going on and the thing is, there is an actual minimum requirement to use hifi right now, I can link you to the post in the forums if you wish
Apr 08 2015 21:02
ok I am checking
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS
that SHOULD work
make sure your drivers and all are up to date but that post is the best reference right now
Apr 08 2015 21:06
yeah that link would be useful thanks
glad you guys are taking up this project. I am pretty much 100% mobile these days so it's weird getting on a pc. Oculus and these other peripherals are exciting. THanks man its a driver I bet or my directX thanks. Been a while since I thought about this stuff.
Jason Hawks
Apr 08 2015 21:11