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Apr 2015
David Rowe
Apr 10 2015 01:14
Is there a way for a JavaScript to detect whether it's running on Interface, entity, or Stack Manager?
Thijs Wenker
Apr 10 2015 01:15
I don't think theres a clear way, but you could find a few differences. Like missing or existing (objects).
Found a nice glitch, well not sure if its a glitch or a feature. You could set a global variable $TEXT = "sometext"; in one of the entities, and read it out in another entity.
Paul Kruger
Apr 10 2015 17:41
Apr 10 2015 19:08
@thoys At what range? Domain wide?
Piyush Verma
Apr 10 2015 20:36
Hi, I am getting compile errors in Visual Studio where it can't find any of the header files related to the BulletPhysics library. I have the library in my root_dir folder but Visual Studio keeps trying to access the %HIFI_DIR%\libraries\Physics header files. Any help with that would be appreciated.
David Rowe
Apr 10 2015 21:02
What is the "Faceshift eye detection" slider in preferences supposed to do? (Note: It might meant to be called "Faceshift eye deflection"?)
David Rowe
Apr 10 2015 21:07
OK, it's just a multiplier that's applied to the Faceshift-supplied eye rotations. Don't know why it's called "detection" though. The code uses "deflection" for variable names. Perhaps a typo in the preferences dialog?
Thijs Wenker
Apr 10 2015 22:18
Sounds like a typo yeh