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Apr 2015
Apr 29 2015 02:53
@howard-stearns when it comes to edits to existing docs, its best to "suggest edits" on the docs page and we will look them over, these edits dont go live but get set in a queue for approval by the doc admins so go as hard as you like there. Or if it is a new doc suggestion best to place a worklist suggestion and if you feel strongly enough about it then follow up with an email to Chris (@cozza13)
Howard Stearns
Apr 29 2015 02:59
Thanks, @Adrianl3d. Wilco.
Apr 29 2015 23:42
Hi all, I am working on building the interface for hifi, and I am getting a couple of errors in the debugger
First one is a Debug Assertion Failed in MSVCP120D.dll. File ...\VC\include\vector line:1201 Expression Vector subscript out of range.
I tried turning on iterator debugging in the mail application, but it looks like it is in one of the libraries. Do you not normally run with iterator debugging in debug mode?