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May 2015
May 11 2015 03:39
Trying to add a new entity type but I get EntityTree::updateEntity() entityID doesn't exist!!! Not sure what I'm missing with the entityID yet, not sure how the value is assigned.
Seth Alves
May 11 2015 03:59
is it in github or someplace we can see it?
May 11 2015 04:06
not yet, it's for the worklist WebPage
but I don't know if I can finish the job yet so hard to put a bid ;)
I'm digging into the EntityTree, must have missed something, probably there abouts
dark depths of netcode and tokens
May 11 2015 04:34
Hmm see a typo,...
May 11 2015 04:42
ah the plot thickens, I get the same errors in sandbox
omg, debugging can be so trying sometimes, I had this harmonic oscillator script going spitting out errors but I thought it was the entity I added. Still probably crashing though.