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May 2015
Seth Alves
May 14 2015 00:02
We'll need something for terrain.
Mircea Kitsune
May 14 2015 00:05
Personally, I would suggest an optional marching cubes algorithm for normal voxels, which can be selected instead of the blocks.
May 14 2015 10:26
So I debugged by new crashing problem with interface to TextRenderer.cpp, the VertexArrayPtr _vao is null when trying to ->bind(). This seems to be due to a recent change, I think it might be something to do with this GPU possibly as It's an old OpenGL 2.0 card.
Mircea Kitsune
May 14 2015 23:42
I found the option in Interface.ini which causes HIFI to crash immediately after being started up. Under [general], it is WindowState=2. If I remove that the crash goes away... if that's there Inferface crashes immediately after starting up.