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May 2015
Mircea Kitsune
May 19 2015 00:13
Hi. Does anyone know how to use text chat in the latest GIT please?
Flame Soulis
May 19 2015 06:21
So, I noticed an unsigned warning for the OctalCode.cpp file. Anyone familiar with that library, are the internal char variables supposed to be unsigned?
specifically with the shift variables used in the comparisons on lines 51, 116, and 220.
Joe Large [Omega Heron]
May 19 2015 14:45
@MirceaKitsune - I've not been paying attention over last week to ten days, but, unless something changed, there is no text chat anymore. Interface provides (or provided) a link to launch a web browser for connection to an IRC based HF room. In world there are, at last count, 3 JS based chat options. The old global chat using XMPP within Interface is long gone.
May 19 2015 21:35
I'm trying to experiment with the particle entity. When creating one a problem I'm having is the animationSettings JSON value seems to be getting reset after creation. Can anyone explain more about why this might be?