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Jun 2015
Jun 14 2015 21:32
hello, haven't been here since a while. now i tried to get the recent master compiled - with no luck:
Jun 14 2015 21:38
i think it's because debian still uses qt5 5.3.x and not qt5 5.4.x or newer
Jun 14 2015 22:21

@tx0h -- for an older Ubuntu what I ended up doing was installing Qt5.4.1 into my home dir (rather than tinkering with system-level Qt stuff).

If wanting to try this you could download/chmod/execute (which lets you materialize Qt5.4.1 in a folder). I just ran it as a normal user and installed into ~/source/Qt5.4.1, then to get the build system to notice I did export QT_CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/home/tim/source/Qt5.4.1/5.4/gcc_64/lib/cmake (before running cmake as usual).